NEWS: 2017 Summer Basketball Camp Competition Winners

pro skills basketball camp PSB would like to CONGRATULATE all the winners of our summer basketball camp Individual Competitions. With over 1,500 players competing at all the Pro Skills basketball camps across the country, the winners listed below beat out a larger pool of competitors.

PSB’s Individual Competitions included Hot Shot, Speed Layups and Speed Shooting. Competitions are done every day at camp and each player’s scores are added up at the end of the week and a winner is crowned.

Each winner got to choose from an iPad, X-box or NBA tickets. Congrats to the winners below!

pro skills basketball camp competition winner pro skills basketball camp competitions in charlotte basketball camp competition

Tanner E. – Mooresville, NC – Hot Shot Winner

Todd P. – Davidson, NC – Hot Shot Winner


Noah M. – Concord, NC – Speed Layups Winner

Robbie R. – Boston, MA – Speed Layups Winner


Daniel B. – Davidson, NC – Speed Shooting Winner

James C. – Concord, NC – Speed Shooting Winner

Our summer basketball camps will be available for sign up at the beginning of February 2018, but before then make sure to check out our Holiday Basketball Camps, including Thanksgiving and Christmas Camps, at our multiple locations throughout the country!

Sign Up for Our Thanksgiving Camps and Christmas Camps Now!

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The Positive Effects of Basketball on Child Development

With the recent emphasis being put on concussions in youth sports (and rightly so!) it’s easy to see the dangers that contact basketball benefits and child developmentsports can have on a child’s developing brain.

The risks of concussions are real and they should be addressed. But I feel that recently, such fear of these injuries has cast a shadow on the benefits that youth sports and exercise have on children’s brains.

A great synopsis of the effects exercise has on the human brain was written by Heidi Godman and can be found here in the Harvard Health Letter:


“Exercise helps memory and thinking through both direct and indirect means. The benefits of exercise come directly from its ability to reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the release of growth factors—chemicals in the brain that affect the health of brain cells, the growth of new blood vessels in the brain, and even the abundance and survival of new brain cells.”

Sports and physical fitness, in general, have been found to have direct, positive effects on children’s brains as well. As Dr. Gwen Dewar points out in this article:

“Studies also indicate that fit children tend to have greater brain volume in the hippocampus, a brain region associated with memory (Chaddock-Heyman et al 2014), and these kids show signs of enhanced long-term retention. In one study, kids memorized new places on a map equally well, regardless of their fitness levels. But when they were tested on their retention the following day, the higher fitness children performed better (Raine et al 2013).”

Dr. Dewar goes on to discuss long-term benefits of consistent physical activity and explains that correlations have been found in children between such activity and attention span, self-discipline, mood and math skills just to name a few. Through their research, scientists have been able to link an increase in brain activity with physical activity.


NEWS: PSB to Host Jr. NBA 3v3 League in Charlotte

pro skills basketball jr. nba 3v3 league charlotte Pro Skills Basketball is excited to announce that we will be hosting one of 10 Jr. NBA 3v3 Leagues around the country right in here in Charlotte!

The Charlotte Jr. NBA 3v3 League will take place on Friday nights between 6-10pm from January 5th to February 9th at Carolina Courts Indian Trail. There are four age groups for boys and girls available for sign up – U10, U11, U12, and U13.

The winning teams from each boys and girls age division will qualify for and have the opportunity to attend the Jr. NBA 3v3 League National Championship in Atlanta, GA at the end of March.

3v3 has made quite a resurgence in recent years, even becoming an official Olympic sport for the 2020 Olympics. The game gives players more opportunity to play basketball with the ball actually in their hands and offers a faster style of play. It’s one of the best tools young players can use to learn to play 5v5 basketball!

Jr. NBA Flagship Network Pro Skills Basketball

Registration is available for the Jr. NBA Charlotte 3v3 League now. Spots are limited so sign up here today!

In related news, in case you missed it last week, Pro Skills Basketballs is now an official member of the Jr. NBA Flagship Network, which is a network “comprised of 15 best-in-class youth basketball organizations that share the Jr. NBA’s vision for how the game should be taught and played at the grassroots level, and have committed to pursuing the highest standard of operation in the industry.” (Jr. NBA Website)

You can read more about Pro Skills involvement here in a previous press release!

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fbi college basketball scandal
In part one of this blog series on the FBI college basketball scandal, I covered how I believe it could impact NCAA basketball as we know it. However, what many people don’t realize is this will have a tremendous trickle down effect into youth basketball, even at the middle school and elementary school levels. As stated in my previous post, this college basketball investigation could do away with the AAU shoe circuits, much of the showcase/player ranking events, and unqualified youth basketball coaches.

In fact, the college basketball scandal has already begun to affect the elite players from the 2018 recruiting class with many kids de-committing or taking the schools named by the FBI off of their prospective lists, and this is just the start of impact it will have.

The process is going to be long and slow as the FBI and NCAA will continue their investigation into college basketball as coaches will begin to give up more and more information. However, if this scandal is indeed only the “tip of the iceberg”, which I believe it is, then it will have a major impact, beginning with what could be the dissolution of the so-called AAU “shoe circuits”.


NEWS: PSB Joins Prestigious Jr. NBA Flagship Network

Jr. NBA Pro Skills Basketball


– Weeklong Celebration Begins Today with Launch of New Jr. NBA Parent Initiative & App for Coaches of All Levels –

– Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and his mother, Sonya Curry, to Introduce New Jr. NBA Parent Initiative on Oct. 11 –

NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2017 – The National Basketball Association (NBA) tipped off Jr. NBA Week (Oct. 9-16) today by announcing the formation of the Jr. NBA Flagship Network, to provide a more consistent and positive youth basketball experience for players, parents and coaches. Comprised of 15 best-in-class youth sports organizations, members of the network share the Jr. NBA’s vision for how the game should be taught and played at the grassroots level, and have committed to pursuing the highest standards of operation in the industry.  This includes adhering to NBA and USA Basketball Youth Basketball Guidelines, implementing USAB coach licensing requirements and providing resources to educate coaches and parents.

Through the collective reach of the 15 organizations that make up the Jr. NBA Flagship Network, the NBA will help ensure that one million additional youth are playing basketball in an environment that promotes health and wellness, skill development and character education.

Jr. NBA Flagship Network

All-in Athletics Pro Skills Basketball Sports Academy
DME Sports Academy Lightning Basketball – Island Garden The Skill Factory
Gold Crown Foundation Open Gym Premier John Muir Health Ultimate Fieldhouse
Grand Park Fieldhouse Point Guard College West Coast Elite
Hoop Heaven Slam City Management Zero Gravity Basketball

The third annual Jr. NBA Week will focus on elevating the game by providing tools and resources to support key contributors to the youth basketball experience – parents and coaches – and will feature events for local youth hosted by all 30 NBA teams.

The new Jr. NBA Parent Initiative, developed in conjunction with the Positive Coaching Alliance, is designed to educate parents and guardians by providing resources to help them better understand the youth basketball ecosystem, while helping to create a positive, healthy experience for their young players. At the outset, the program will feature a series of parent forums held in cities across the country, parent newsletters and educational resources and other helpful recommendations and tips. Ultimately, the parent program will include extensive age-appropriate curriculum designed to help parents and their children navigate the youth basketball landscape.

To launch the new parent program, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and his mother Sonya Curry will join center Zaza Pachulia, Head Coach Steve Kerr, President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Bob Myers, the Jr. Warriors, and the Positive Coaching Alliance to host a special Jr. NBA Tip-Off Event on Oct. 11 at John Muir Health Ultimate Fieldhouse in Walnut Creek, Calif. The event will include a youth clinic, parent workshop and panel discussion for local kids and their families. John Muir Health Ultimate Fieldhouse is an inaugural member of the Jr. NBA Flagship Network.

Finally, the new Jr. NBA Coach App offers coaches at all levels of experience a valuable tool to teach the game in a manner reflective of best practices around player health and wellness, skill development and character education. The app offers Jr. NBA instructional curriculum featuring 250 demonstrational videos with NBA and WNBA players and coaches, and 48 preloaded practice plans designed for various skill levels. The app also includes a unique tool that allows coaches to create custom practice plans by selecting their favorite skills and drills from the Jr. NBA instructional library. The Jr. NBA Coach App is available now for iOS and Android.

The Jr. NBA presented by Under Armour teaches basketball skills as well as the core values of the game at the grassroots level in an effort to help grow and improve the youth basketball experience for players, coaches and parents. For more information, and to register for the Jr. NBA Parent Initiative, visit:


Chantal Romain, NBA Communications, (212) 407-8361,


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