News: 2019 PSB Chattanooga AAU Team Tryouts Now Available!

2019 Chattanooga AAU Basketball Team Tryouts

Pro Skills Basketball Chattanooga AAU team tryouts are now open for registration, and we can’t wait to get our 2019 AAU team season up and running!

We’re making a ton of improvements to our club team structure nationally which you can read about in part 1 and part 2 of previous announcements, but we want to also update you on the upgrades we’re making to our PSB Chattanooga AAU team structure.

PSB Chattanooga AAU Teams Improvements & Structure

New Director

We’re excited to introduce the new (to some people) PSB Chattanooga Director, Gabe Johnson, who is taking over for Josh Templeton who took a high school coaching position which doesn’t allow him to be the director anymore.

Don’t worry though! Gabe is great friends with Josh and is still going to be involved – he just can’t be director anymore. Gabe is a former college basketball player and has been coaching youth basketball for a long time, including having his own organization formerly known as the Chattanooga Force.


This season we’ll use a few different locations for practices, but our main gym will be Boyd Buchanan School.


We will offer boys teams in grades 4-11 and girls teams in grades 6-10.


As we’ve said, the major improvement for 2019 is extending the team membership to 8 months to cover spring, summer, and fall.

The spring/summer season will be team practices and tournaments while the fall season will be optional skill workouts and league play (more on this below). All seasons offer flexibility for players to play other sports or participate in other activities, but putting them together will enable us to truly create the best basketball experience possible as explained in the past emails.

The membership will be broken into even, lower installments of $155/month.

Competitive and Showcase Camps

This summer we’ll offer competitive camps for our elementary and middle school players and a showcase camp for our high school players.

PSB Chattanooga elementary and middle school players will have the option to attend competitive camps in Chattanooga, Charlotte NC or Winston-Salem NC.

High school players who are not invited by the NCAA to one of their new live period camps will attend a PSB showcase camp in Winston-Salem NC where we’ll combine high-level skill work and competitions with the opportunity to showcase skills to college coaches and scouts.

NOTE: Our normal week-long summer camps will still be available as well.

Fall Season

We’re extremely excited to now have the fall season (Sept-Oct) as part of the membership. This is going to be so beneficial for every player from elementary through high school.

For elementary and middle school players, we’ll be able to focus on individual skills in the fall without missing a beat team-wise in fall and winter league games as they have practiced and played together all spring and summer.

For high school players, we’ll be able to better help these players make their JV, Varsity, and/or get recruited to play in college (if that’s what they want) through our pre-season and in-season workouts led by high-level coaches and trainers.

All players should be extremely prepared for their school tryouts!

Under Armour Future Circuit

We think the time is right to offer another competitive option to our middle school players, so PSB Chattanooga is going to be fielding one 8th grade team on the Under Armour Future circuit, which consists of 2-3 regional travel tournaments in which our teams will play against other extremely competitive teams in our region.

This PSB UA Future teams will be made up of the best players from our tryouts in January. Depending on how this team does and the season goes, we’ll look to increase the number of teams on that circuit in the coming years.

Read more about this circuit here now!

2019 Policies and Procedures Handbook

For literally ALL information on the upcoming 2019 PSB AAU Team membership, please read through our updated 2019 Policies and Procedures Handbook here.

Chattanooga AAU Basketball Tryouts

Chattanooga AAU Basketball tryouts for elementary and middle school teams in grades 4-8 will be held on January 20 and 27. High school teams will have tryouts in the middle and end of February. We’re excited to be offering a 4th-11th-grade boys teams and 6th-10th-grade girls teams this season!

Do you want to play on a PSB Chattanooga AAU team in 2019?

Then don’t wait – sign up for tryouts now here!

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