News: 2019 PSB Denver Club Team Tryouts Now Available!

2019 Denver Club Basketball Team Tryouts

Pro Skills Basketball Denver club team tryouts are now open for registration, and we can’t wait to get our 2019 club team season up and running!

We’re making a ton of improvements to our club team structure nationally which you can read about in part 1 and part 2 of previous announcements, but we want to also update you on the upgrades we’re making to our PSB Denver club team structure.

PSB Denver Club Teams Improvements & Structure

General Managers

We’re really excited that Jordan Kelley and Alex Schnaidt are now with PSB Denver full-time. Jordan will work with Director Ross Schraeder to oversee our girls teams while Alex will work with Ross to oversee our boys teams!


Our locations will be similar to years past with a group of gyms in the south Denver area (DU area) and in the east Denver area (Lowry area).


In all areas, we will offer boys teams in grades 2-10. The big difference from last year is adding a 2nd-grade option.

NOTE: The 2nd-grade teams will NOT play games in the spring/summer season, but rather just practice and prepare for games come the fall/winter as 3rd graders.


As we’ve said, the major improvement for 2019 is extending the team membership to 11 months.

The spring/summer and fall/winter season setups will remain the same offering flexibility for all players to play other sports or participate in other activities, but this will enable us to truly create the best basketball experience possible as explained in the past emails.

The membership will be broken into even installments of $175/month.

Competitive and Showcase Camps

This summer we’ll offer competitive camps for all levels of players (elementary through high school) that they can attend as part of their membership.

NOTE: Our normal week-long summer camps will still be available as well.

Under Armour Rise Girls Circuit

This season we’re fielding a 10th-grade girls team on the Under Armour Rise girls circuit, which is a brand new second circuit that Under Armour is running under the same roof as their Under Armour Association circuit. This will be a great opportunity for our best high school girls to showcase their skills in front of hundreds of college coaches and media. If all goes well this season, we’ll look at putting more teams on it next year! More information on the UA Rise circuit will be coming soon!

Under Armour Future Boys Circuit

We think the time is right to offer another competitive option to our middle school players, so along with the Rise circuit, PSB Denver is going to be fielding one 6th grade team on the Under Armour Future circuit, which consists of 2-3 regional travel tournaments (Kansas and Iowa)  in which our teams will play against other extremely competitive teams in our region. This PSB UA Future teams will be made up of the best players from our tryouts in March. Depending on how this team does and the season goes, we’ll look to increase the number of teams on that circuit in the coming years. More information on the UA Future circuit will be coming soon!

Denver Club Team Fall/Winter Season

Fall/Winter Season

We’re extremely excited to now have the Fall and Winter season (September-February) as part of the membership. This is going to be so beneficial for every player from elementary through high school.

For elementary and middle school players, we’ll be able to focus on individual skills in the fall/winter without missing a beat team-wise in fall and winter league games as they have practiced and played together all spring and summer.

For high school players, we’ll be able to better help these players make their JV, Varsity, and/or get recruited to play in college (if that’s what they want) through our pre-season and in-season workouts and mini-camps led by high-level coaches and trainers.

2019 Policies and Procedures Handbook

For literally ALL information on the upcoming 2019 PSB Club Team membership, please read through our updated 2019 Policies and Procedures Handbook here.

Denver Club Basketball Tryouts

This year Denver club basketball tryouts will be held in late February and the beginning of March and they’re available for registration now!

Do you want to play on a PSB Denver club team in 2019?

Then don’t wait – sign up for tryouts now here!

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