Basketball Lay-up Drill (Video)

The focus for this week’s basketball Drill is layups.

This is a great drill for players to work on finishing around the rim. Players can do it by themselves or it can be done with a group or team.

Step #1: The drill begins with two lines on each of the spots where the sideline and baselines connect.

Step #2: Each line then spins the ball to themselves at the elbow and jump stops.

Step #3: Next, the players do whatever pivot is instructed. For more on this, you can see our forward pivot and reverse pivot drills here.

Step #4: After that, the players then take 1-2 dribbles and finish with whatever layup is instructed. Players can finish with outside hand, inside hand,  reverse layup, floater, etc.

Check out the first 50 seconds of this video for a demonstration. After that, it then moves onto a passing drill.

For more drills, please check out our YouTube youth basketball drills playlist here!

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