PSB PODCAST: Basketball Playing Time Frustration – Pick & Pop Series

Each week in the “Pick & Pop” series of the PSB podcast, PSB co-founders, Logan Kosmalski and Brendan Winters, discuss and debate a relevant topic in their world of youth basketball.

For the first installment of the Pick & Pop PSB podcast series, Logan and Brendan discussed a tweet from Brendan about youth basketball players having to sometimes choose between prom and an NCAA live period tournament, which gets into the larger discussion of sacrificing for basketball.

This week for the 2nd episode of Pick & Pop, Logan and Brendan sat down and talked about a past blog Logan wrote about how to handle basketball playing time frustrations and some of the reactions he got from the post.

Logan and Brendan offer advice to parents and players in this podcast episode on how to properly deal with disappointment in lack of playing time in basketball and try to give concrete, actionable steps for youth basketball players and parents to take.

Make sure to watch the video of the podcast above or take a listen below!

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