Karl Barkley's Pro Skills Basketball China AdventuresThis month I welcomed a new roommate to Chengdu (Nathan) and said goodbye to two others (Zeb and Tyler). Before the latter could return home to Queen and country, Nathan and I made sure to give them a proper English send off.

First, we joined in on Chengdu’s British Day celebrations. The festivities coincided with the Royal Wedding and included great food, a few games of Tug-of-War, and a friendly water balloon fight.

Later that week we all went to the China v. England U19 soccer game. Although England ended up losing the game on a late breakaway goal, the matchup felt like a poetic ending to Tyler and Zeb’s time in China.

Chinese International Basketball League (CIBL) teamOn the court, May was another undefeated month for my Chinese International Basketball League (CIBL) team, which was enough to lock up the number one seed for the playoffs.

Individually, I was named the 三分王, or three-point king, for leading the league in made three-pointers over the course of the season.

May was a busy month for PSB China as we moved into the final stretch of our in-school classes before end-of-year testing.

This time of year is also very stressful for our students and they seemed to especially enjoy the break from studying our classes provided. 

One school was so happy with our work this semester, they included us in their end of year school video and a commercial for next year. Check it out on the @proskillschina Instagram page!

PSB China Basketball Camps & Clinics

Currently, we are transitioning into and planning for our summer schedule.

This summer we are excited to offer camps and clinics across China, as well as a basketball tour of the country for some of our US players and their families.

That’s it for May!

Make sure to check in next month for a June retrospective and follow along on Instagram for more regular content with @proskillschina and @karlbarkley3.

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