PODCAST: How New NCAA Basketball Recruiting Rules Will Affect Youth Basketball

Each week in the “Pick & Pop” series of the PSB podcast, PSB co-founders, Logan Kosmalski and Brendan Winters, discuss and debate a relevant topic in their world of youth basketball.

In this episode, however, Brendan talks with a guest, Sim Frazier, about the new NCAA basketball recruiting rules and how they’ll impact youth basketball. There has been a lot written about the college basketball recruiting rules changes, including a recent article with college coaches saying they don’t like the new rules, but Brendan and Sim try to distill it down into understandable topics.

Sim is a long time school and AAU travel basketball coach who has helped many players go on to play college basketball over the last number of years.

In this “Pick & Pop”, Sim and Brendan discuss many topics including:

  • The reduction in the number of “live” periods
  • The 2019 recruiting calendar
  • The new role of high school coaches and teams in the recruiting process
  • The overall impact they believe the new college basketball recruiting rules will have on the young players
  • And more

Watch the video above or listen to the podcast below!

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