Pro Skills Basketball Partner - Jr. NBA

What is the Jr. NBA?

Adding to an already excellent list of partners, including Under Armour, USA Youth Basketball, and Dick’s Sporting Goods among others, we are excited to announce that for 2016 Pro Skills Basketball is a Jr. NBA organization! Coming on the heels of becoming an official USA Basketball Youth Organization, 2016 is shaping up to be quite a year for Pro Skills Basketball.

The Jr. NBA is a vehicle by which the NBA can positively support youth basketball in the United States. Their philosophy is to teach the fundamentals of basketball and use the sport to instill core character values. They have an outstanding “pledge” that all Jr. NBA organizations must make that includes:

  • FUNdamentals – Teaching basic basketball skill development in a positive, encouraging and fun environment is rewarding for all involved
  • Hard Work – Emphasizing how to compete – with a focus on working hard and competing to the best of your ability – is more important than the outcome of games won and lost
  • Respect – Exhibiting a positive attitude toward players, coaches, parents, officials and teammates is how we honor the game and each other
  • Sportsmanship – Playing the right way, the Jr. NBA Way, is centered on fair, ethical and honest competition
  • Teamwork – Working together in a supportive manner for a common goal fosters positive social and personal development
  • Healthy Living – Exercising regularly benefits both mind and body – leading to better health outcomes, greater energy levels, and enhanced classroom performance

Stephen Curry Dell Curry Jr. NBA

Obviously we believe in these things wholeheartedly, but the Jr. NBA also provides other great resources as well like a “Coach’s Code of Conduct“, coaching tips, a “leadership council” that includes Stephen Curry and his father, Dell Curry, and a partnership with USA Youth Basketball and their Coach Licensing project.

The main benefits however to becoming a Jr. NBA organization are:

  • FREE Jr. NBA Welcome Gift
  • Access to national network of Jr. NBA events
  • Discount uniform offers
  • Discounted coach licensing from USA Basketball and professional development opportunities for coaches/administrators
  • Opportunities for appearances from NBA and WNBA players and legends
  • Access to grant funding

We’re hoping to take advantage of this and be able to get some NBA players to our camps around the country this upcoming summer. Regardless, we’re super excited to be a Jr. NBA organization for 2016, and we look forward to a bright future!

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