NEWS: PSB to Bring AAU Teams to 4 New Cities in 2020

Pro Skills Basketball is excited to announce that we are adding four new cities to our organization, and they’ll be offering PSB AAU Teams / Club Teams starting in 2020.

Nashville (TN), Philadelphia (PA), Richmond (VA), and San Francisco (CA) will be joining our current cities of Charlotte (NC), Chattanooga (TN), Denver (CO), Greensboro (NC), Raleigh (NC), and Winston-Salem (NC)!

Each of these new cities adds unique value to our organization, and conversely, we can’t wait for what we’re going to bring to each of those cities!

Pro Skills Nashville AAUPro Skills Basketball Nashville AAU

Pro Skills Nashville will be led by the PSB Nashville Director, Lem Dozier.

Lem is an exciting new addition to our organization. In addition to his experience as a coach over the years in the greater Nashville area, he has also been a high-level basketball trainer. Lem is pumped to be joining the Pro Skills team!

Lem founded the Middle Tennesse Soldiers which has now become Pro Skills Nashville. Last season the Soldiers had 17 AAU teams in Nashville and we are excited to expand that number.

Lem is accompanied by his GM of PSB Nashville, Malik Mims. Malik is a former college basketball player, a coach of going on 9 years and a long-time high-level basketball trainer in the greater Nashville area.

Nashville is a city that we are very excited to add to our Pro Skills locations. Nashville has a great basketball and AAU culture and we believe it is primed for the PSB takeover!

Nashville has an upcoming FREE clinic on Oct. 19th. For more info click HERE.

Read more about Pro Skills Basketball Nashville here!

Pro Skills Philadelphia AAU

Pro Skills Basketball Philadelphia AAU

Pro Skills Philadelphia will be led by the PSB Philadelphia Director, Jeff VanGorder.

Jeff has been coaching college basketball since 2011. Jeff has had great success in his coaching career at multiple different universities. Additionally, he recruited the players at Hamilton College that went on to go to back to back Sweet 16 Appearances.

Jeff is currently on the coaching staff at Ursinus College.

Philadelphia is a historic basketball city that we are excited to be a part of.  We know that Philly is the perfect city in which to begin our PSB AAU teams.

Read more about Pro Skills Basketball Philadelphia here!

Pro Skills Richmond AAU


Pro Skills Basketball Richmond AAU

Pro Skills Richmond will be led by the PSB Richmond Director, Rasheed Wright.

Rasheed played college basketball at Old Dominion University. After graduating, Rasheed began his professional playing career in France.

In addition to his college experience, Rasheed played with 7 different clubs in a 13-year professional career in France. His amazing career included a championship season, MVP recognition and multiple all-league honors.

Richmond has produced great basketball talent over the years, has a rich AAU basketball history, and we are excited to bring our organization to the city!

Richmond has an upcoming FREE clinic on Nov. 9th. For more information click HERE.

Read more about Pro Skills Basketball Richmond here!

Pro Skills San Francisco AAU

Pro Skills Basketball San Francisco AAU

Pro Skills San Francisco will be led by the PSB San Francisco Director, Drew Heath.

Drew attended Emmanuel College in Boston, MA. After finishing his collegiate career at Emmanuel, he spent the next few years as a basketball trainer, training WNBA, overseas and college players in the Boston area.

After College, Drew moved to Beijing, China where he continued his basketball journey, as a player, manager, and coach. Working for the NBA Yao Basketball Club and NBA Academy while being a member of the Beijing Panthers, competing in games and tournaments throughout China in the Wildball, DBL, and NBA 5v5 leagues.

San Francisco is one of the biggest basketball cities in the country currently with the rise of the Golden State Warriors who are moving into the city this season. We are excited to join in on the basketball culture in San Francisco and bring our AAU teams!

Read more about Pro Skills Basketball San Francisco here!

We are looking forward to the opportunities that each of these cities offers. We can’t wait to offer PSB AAU Club Teams in each area.

Please follow us and stay tuned to our social media accounts for upcoming events and all things new at Pro Skills Basketball.

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Tryouts for our AAU basketball teams are coming at the beginning of 2020 … Stay tuned!

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