NEWS: PSB to Expand Offerings in Philadelphia

The Pro Skills Basketball staff and organization are very excited to announce that we will now be adding Philadelphia, PA. to the list of cities where we are located! 

Pro Skills Basketball is a Youth Basketball Organization dedicated to changing the win-at-all-costs, negative youth basketball environment to a more healthier, more positive environment through a focus on teaching, coaching, and learning.

At PSB we believe basketball is more than just wins and loses. Our mission is to create a culture that fosters the tenacious pursuit of improvement on and off the court.


Pro Skills Philadelphia will be led by the PSB Philadelphia Director, Jeff VanGorder.

Jeff has been coaching college basketball since 2011. Jeff has had great success in his coaching career at multiple different universities. He was a part of the coaching staff at Hamilton College as they had back to back Sweet 16 Appearances.

Jeff is currently on the coaching staff at Ursinus College. 

Pro Skills Philadelphia will offer many events such as our clinics, camps, and teams.


Our Clinics are 1-3 hour events that typically specialize in a specific skill or skill set. Shooting, offensive moves, ball handling & dribble skills clinics are some of the options available.


Our Basketball Camps are multi-day events dedicated to teaching players the fundamentals of basketball in a safe and enjoyable environment. With a staff of experienced coaches and players, these events provide a great opportunity for players to learn from professionals who have had success both on and off the court.


Our AAU basketball teams are instructed by experienced, knowledgeable coaches whose focus is the improvement of our individual players, not simply winning championships.

Stay tuned to our social media accounts for upcoming events and all things new at Pro Skills Basketball.

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Tryouts for our AAU basketball teams are coming at the beginning of 2020!

Philly, we cannot wait to get started in your city! Here we go!

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