Pro Skills Basketball LocationsPro Skills Basketball is excited to announce that we are opening in Austin and San Antonio, Texas! These will be Pro Skills Basketball’s 7th and 8th city to go along with Boston, Charlotte, Denver, Greensboro, Philadelphia, and Sacramento!

Pro Skills Austin will start on a part-time basis under our our Affiliate Camps program with 2 July

Damion White PSB Austin Tx
Damion White, PSB Austin Director, playing for Davidson.

summer camps and will hopefully go to a full-time, year-round program in January of 2018. Pro Skills San Antonio, meanwhile, will begin right away as a full-time, year-round program in August of this year starting with fall PSB Select club teams.

We at Pro Skills Basketball are really excited to open up Austin and San Antonio for a couple of reason. First and foremost, we’ve once again been able to find 2 outstanding basketball coaches in Damion White in Austin and Nick Noel in San Antonio.

Damion played basketball and football at Davidson College in North Carolina where PSB co-founders, Logan Kosmalski and Brendan Winters, also played basketball and attended school. Of the opportunity Damion says,

“There are a lot of reasons why I’m excited to join Pro Skills Basketball. For starters, Davidson College. You don’t always realize a thing like this, but I’ve known Logan and Brendan for more than 15 years; the respect I have for them is second to none. I’ve observed from afar since Pro Skills’ inception and have not been the least bit surprised by their success. The opportunity to team up with people that I respect as basketball players/basketball minds, as former classmates (& almost teammates), as business people and as generally great human beings is not one I would pass up.


On a more personal level, now that I’ve gotten back into basketball it’s a way for me to more quickly and more deeply reconnect with the game and student athletes in the Austin and Central Texas community. Professionally, I love the integrity, vision and broad approach to basketball and life that Pro Skills takes with respect to teaching young men and women the game, but in ways that will assuredly impact them off the court and beyond basketball for a lifetime.”

Nick Noel PSB San Antonio
Director of PSB San Antonio, Nick Noel.

Nick Noel is a long time youth basketball coach in San Antonio and was introduced to Logan and Brendan through his outstanding work directing basketball camps for Access to Success, a non-profit organization founded by, again, one of Logan and Brendan’s former Davidson basketball teammates, Andrew Lovedale. Nick had this to say about bringing PSB to San Antonio:

“I chose to be a part of Pro Skills Basketball because it is a great opportunity for me to do something that I love to do and to offer San Antonio a basketball organization that is top notch.

With Pro Skills core values, and the organized way of doing things it will really benefit the community and will help to change the culture of youth basketball in San Antonio through honesty, integrity, and class throughout the program.”

The second reason why we at PSB are excited to bring our brand and curriculum to Texas is that the state is well known for having a huge pool of passionate and talented basketball players. Of this, Damion said:

“Austin has a thirst for basketball and a pool of basketball talent that isn’t being sufficiently addressed. That PSB is a national organization, in a way that there has never been a national youth basketball skills and AAU organization, leads me to envision it will accelerate and broaden opportunities for basketball talent in this area.”

Nick went on to say:

“Pro Skills Basketball is an organization that will produce quality ball players, with integrity, class, and a competitive spirit in the San Antonio area.”

Together with Damion and Nick, we believe we’re going to create an amazing environment for young basketball players in Austin and San Antonio, Texas to grow as players, on and off the court, and we’re excited for what the future holds!

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