PSB Podcast “‘The Threat of Youth Basketball’”? – Alan Tyson

In this episode of the PSB Podcast, PSB Co-founder Logan Kosmalski talks with President of Architech Sports and Physical Therapy, Alan Tyson. Listen as Logan and Alan discuss the recent article written by ESPN Senior Writer Baxter Holmes titled ‘These kids are ticking time bombs: The threat of youth basketball”.

In his ESPN article, Holmes writes, “What we’re seeing is rash of injuries among young players”.

Is the “threat of youth basketball” truly as severe as this article suggests?

This podcast takes a deep look at the current state of AAU basketball. Alan identifies how young athletes can avoid this “rash of injuries”. He speaks specifically about a proactive focus on the body to endure the demanded workload.

Alan has worked with the Charlotte Knights (AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox). He is a consultant with the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Eagles. As well as also working with NBA players from Stephen Curry to Antwan Jameson.Alan Tyson - Architect Sports and Physical Therapy

These unique experiences across all sports give Alan a very valuable perspective on the topic.

Alan presents his knowledge of movement efficiency and its value. He also helps bring awareness to the different signs that become prevalent in the body. These signs reveal areas of overuse and the value of recovery.

Alan explains that with the right approach to recovery paired together with high movement efficiency and education, the body can sustain the workload demanded of it.

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