PSB Ultimate Shooting Guide

PSB Co-founder Logan Kosmalski is the creator of the PSB Ultimate Shooting Guide. He is a former All-Conference player at Davidson College went on to play multiple seasons professionally overseas in multiple different countries.

Logan has taken his invaluable experience to create the Pro Skills Basketball Ultimate Shooting Guide.

To find out more about this FREE Shooting Guide we interviewed Logan to learn more!


Q: What does this shooting program consist of?

A: “The program is a combination of an instructional book, workouts, and videos,” says Logan Kosmalski. “I’m a visual learner, so I made sure to include as many pictures and videos as I could!”

Q: What was your motivation for creating this shooting program?

A: “I had the idea to create a program that encompasses instructional content with specific, day to day workouts. I’ve always thought telling kids to go shoot for an hour a day is not specific enough,” he says. “While on the other hand, telling kids exactly what to do and looking over their shoulder after every shot is counterproductive. I think I found a good balance between the two of these. The program is laid out for the player, but his or her journey through the program is self-guided.”

I also wanted to create something where young players would learn by doing. I make very clear in the program that there is not only one way to become the best shooter you can be,” Logan explains. “Great shooters come with all different movements and quirks in their shooting form. I want to encourage young players to learn their own shooting form and not practice something because someone said: “This is the way”. Becoming the best shooter you can requires a little experimentation, trial, and error and learning what works best and what feels best for you as an individual.”

Q: How do you intend for the program to be used?

A: “If players want to see results they should complete all the daily workouts,” he said. “There are about 225 of them, which of course is a lot. However, becoming a great shooter takes a tremendous amount of dedication. I felt that the number of workouts in this program also accounts for the appropriate number of days players should rest or focus on another part of their game. I also included ways for players to compete against themselves, which I hope will make the workouts fun because finding enjoyment in this program is important if players are going to dedicate such a large amount of time and energy.”

Q: What level of player is this program for?

A: “I feel that any player in middle school or above will benefit from this program. Younger players will need to scale back the workouts and have some help from an adult,” said Logan. “That is the cool thing about this program, players at the highest level can and do practice these fundamentals. At the same time, youth basketball players can implement these into their daily workload.”

Q: How long did this program take to create?

A: “Longer than I had planned,” he exclaimed. “The writing, pictures, design, video shoots, and editing, not to mention the online build was much more intensive than I anticipated when I started. However, I’m proud of the way it turned out and hope that players and parents benefit from it. That’s the whole point!”

Logan’s extensive basketball experience paired with his passion to assist players in their basketball careers is what led to the creation of this Ultimate Shooting Guide. Pro Skills encourages young players to use this FREE Shooting Guide to build solid fundamentals while also giving experienced players content to help them maintain and improve their shot mechanics.

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