PSB PODCAST: Schea Cotton – Hoop for Thought Series

PSB Basketball PODCAST Schea Cotton Hoops for Thought

There are countless stories of top high school players that never end up making it to the NBA. In these situations, all the rankings, media attention and recruiting end up being wrong.

With the amount of emphasis some players and their parents currently put on exposure and rankings at a young age, the stories of high school stars that don’t make the NBA should act as a cautionary tale.

None of these stories quite hit home like the story of Schea Cotton.

In the mid 90’s Schea was next big thing in basketball in America. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and hailed by scouts as the next NBA star.

Watch the link below to get a sense of what a few NBA stars thought of Schea Cotton and get a glimpse of a documentary film made about him. 

PSB co-founder, Logan Kosmalski, interviewed Schea for the first episode of our podcast series entitled “Hoop for Thought”.

Hopefully, it makes players and parents think critically about the importance of exposure and rankings for young players, opens people’s eyes to the world of top-level basketball talent and motivates NBA hopefuls to never stop working on their craft.

Give our Schea Cotton story podcast a listen below and let us know what you think!

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