NEWS: 2017 Summer Basketball Camp Competition Winners

pro skills basketball camp PSB would like to CONGRATULATE all the winners of our summer basketball camp Individual Competitions. With over 1,500 players competing at all the Pro Skills basketball camps across the country, the winners listed below beat out a larger pool of competitors.

PSB’s Individual Competitions included Hot Shot, Speed Layups and Speed Shooting. Competitions are done every day at camp and each player’s scores are added up at the end of the week and a winner is crowned.

Each winner got to choose from an iPad, X-box or NBA tickets. Congrats to the winners below!

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Tanner E. – Mooresville, NC – Hot Shot Winner

Todd P. – Davidson, NC – Hot Shot Winner


Noah M. – Concord, NC – Speed Layups Winner

Robbie R. – Boston, MA – Speed Layups Winner


Daniel B. – Davidson, NC – Speed Shooting Winner

James C. – Concord, NC – Speed Shooting Winner

Our summer basketball camps will be available for sign up at the beginning of February 2018, but before then make sure to check out our Holiday Basketball Camps, including Thanksgiving and Christmas Camps, at our multiple locations throughout the country!

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