PSB PODCAST: Youth Basketball Organization Best Practices – Pick & Pop Series

Each week in the “Pick & Pop” series of the PSB podcast, PSB co-founders, Logan Kosmalski and Brendan Winters, discuss and debate a relevant topic in their world of youth basketball.

The hope for this youth basketball podcast episode is that other coaches and youth basketball organizations might take some of these practices and find success with them in their own teams and clubs.

Last week, we had a guest host, Meghan Winters, on the podcast to talk about girl’s and women’s basketball.

For this episode, Logan and Brendan discuss some of the best practices of Pro Skills Basketball because Brendan is going out to Las Vegas in July to give a breakout presentation on this topic at the USA Basketball Youth Coach Academy.

And of course, we’d love to hear from any other organizations out there on their best practices that PSB might be able to implement in our organization.

Listen to the podcast below or on iTunes here or watch it in video above!

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