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Originally from Charlotte, NC, Damion graduated from West Charlotte High School where he enjoyed a stellar basketball career with his team winning the North Carolina state title in 1999.

Damion won this title while playing for his father, who was the head coach of Damion’s high school squad.

Upon graduating from West Charlotte, Damion went on to a year of post graduate prep school at Phillip’s Academy in Andover, MA where he was a member of both the varsity basketball and football teams.


After high school, Damion attended Davidson College where he was offered a spot on the basketball team as a walk-on.

His team went on to win the Southern Conference and compete in the 2002 NCAA tournament. He was also the starting quarterback for the men’s football team during his time at Davidson. Damion graduated from Davidson in 2006 with a degree in sociology.


Upon graduating from Davidson, gone on to work professionally in music, in marketing, digital analytic, as a business development strategy-consultant, and most recently as the head coach of a middle school girls- basketball coach at a small private school in Austin.

Damion has always had a strong pull to help young people through the game of basketball. While not directly following in his father’s footsteps, Damion spent many summers helping his father coach his high school players.

Damion has also worked many prestigious basketball camps including Five Star, Coach K’s Duke Basketball Camps and Bob McKillop’s Basketball Camps at Davidson College.


Damion White