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Pro Skills Basketball offers online basketball training through PSB+ (available as iPhone app and Android app), which features live and on-demand workouts, FREE drills, and more led by expert trainers for all ages and skill levels. No hoop required!

PSB+ subscribers enjoy unlimited video, audio, and PDF access to workouts, drills, webinars, full programs, plans & guides, tips & tricks, college recruiting content, and more!

Check out our guided tour of PSB+ online basketball training below, download your phone app, and sign up for your free trial today!

PSB+ Online basketball training

Click the video below and follow along as PSB+ Trainer, Cristian Barber, takes you on a guided tour of the PSB+ platform features and benefits. Check out our workouts, drills, programs, live workouts, and more. Cristian also dives into the awesome filtering system that helps members find workouts that fit exactly what they are looking for including skill(s), trainer, duration, and intensity.

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Free Basketball Drills Online

We also offer tons of free online basketball training drills for players to use depending on what they desire to work on, including shooting, footwork, ball-handling, and strength and athleticism. Check out our online basketball skills and drills YouTube playlists below!

basketball drills and skills online training


Shooting is the most important skill in basketball. Players that can shoot the basketball well can typically find a spot on any team. That is why our online basketball training focuses so heavily on helping young players become better shooters!

advanced box drill online training


Footwork is an extremely underrated skill for all basketball players to have. It’s the foundation upon which all other skills are built, which is why our online basketball training includes a ton of footwork drills and workouts.

free ball handling online training


These days, all players need to be able to dribble and handle the basketball. The great thing about working on your ball-handling too is that it can be done right from home. Our online basketball training videos feature a ton of drills that can be done at home, in the garage or driveway, or at a gym!

online basketball strength training


Being strong and athletic is crucial for players as they move up each level. Our online basketball training programs focus a lot on basketball-specific strength and conditioning and often mix these drills with other skills like ball-handling, form shooting, and more.


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