The 5 Benefits of Sports Recruits for Basketball Players

Pro Skills Basketball is excited to announce that we have partnered with Sports Recruits for the 2020 season to give players in select PSB cities the best opportunity to get connected with college basketball coaches. With over 100 PSB alumni committed to, playing, or having played college basketball, SportsRecruits will better allow us to assist and guide them in the college basketball recruiting process.

Sports Recruits x Pro Skills Basketball

Sports Recruits, simply put, is a recruiting management platform.

It won’t replace the hard work that PSB Directors and Coaches do to help our players through their process, but rather, it will streamline and make the process more efficient for all parties: players, college coaches and PSB.

According to Sports Recruits, “Sports Recruits provides trusted and accurate data around your recruiting process. Student-athletes shouldn’t have to wonder if activity from college coaches is real.”

Manager of Basketball Operations, JD Ey, says: “We will use Sports Recruits to enable our players to play an active role in their recruiting process. We also have coaches and directors with significant experience and knowledge of the recruiting process, who will be able to manage, guide and help our players using the SportsRecruits platform.”

Technology changes and improves nearly every industry, yet youth sports consistently lags behind other businesses and industries. It was time for us to invest in technology that will help us help our athletes.

With all that said, at PSB, we see Sports Recruits as having 5 main benefits for our high school players.

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Team Curry Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team Curry?

Team Curry is the name-brand grassroots basketball club teams of Stephen Curry that play on the Under Armour Association and Girls Under Armour Association. There are 6 teams total – 3 boys and 3 girls.

Who is running/operating Team Curry?

We, Pro Skills Basketball, are! PSB was chosen by Steph Curry and Under Armour to start and run Team Curry. You can read more about PSB here!

Where is Team Curry located?

Team curry will be located in Charlotte, NC, the hometown of Steph Curry.

Is Team Curry in or coming to San Francisco, CA?

No, Team Curry is not in the Bay Area, and as of right now, there are no plans to be there any time soon. However, Pro Skills San Francisco is a great option for any players in the city who are looking for an AAU option!

Is there a homepage for Team Curry?

Yes, but it’s currently being built as of today (01/09/20). It will be up very soon and will be found at!

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NEWS: Announcing Team Curry Partnership with Steph Curry and Under Armour

Team Curry Announcement

We are incredibly honored and excited to announce new partnerships with Stephen Curry and Under Armour!

Team Curry UAA and GUAA

Beginning this spring, Pro Skills Basketball will be forming and operating “Team Curry”, which will feature 3 boys AND 3 girls teams (15U-17U) based out of Charlotte, NC that play on the Under Armour Association (UAA) and Girls Under Armour Association (GUAA) circuits, respectively.

Team Curry is fully-sponsored by Steph and Under Armour, operated by Pro Skills Basketball, and will field the top players from around the southeast region as part of the PSB Elite family.

Due to NCAA restrictions, Team Curry players must live in North Carolina or bordering states of South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Tryouts will take place this February and March through Pro Skills Basketball Charlotte.

Follow Team Curry on Twitter and Instagram now!

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Top 10 Basketball Moments of the Decade

As we come to the end of 2019 and reflect on this decade, we have seen tremendous growth at Pro Skills Basketball. Starting in 2011 with just 4 PSB Club / AAU Teams to now going into 2020 with over 200 PSB Teams in 12 different cities, we are incredibly thankful to all of the families that have come through our organization and helped us grow into who we are today. 

This decade has not only been great for PSB, but it has also been great for the game of basketball. We saw NBA Legends careers come to a close, we saw the longest win streak in the history of Divison 1 basketball, and we saw a whole lot of buckets.

In honor of all the great basketball over the last 10 years, we decided to compile a list of the Top 10 Basketball Moments of The Decade. 

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NEWS: PSB to Bring AAU Teams to Two More New Cities in 2020

Pro Skills Basketball is excited to announce that we are adding two additional new cities to our organization, and they’ll be offering PSB AAU Teams / Club Teams starting in 2020.

Boston (MA), and New York City (NY) will be joining the four previously announced new cities of Nashville (TN), Philadelphia (PA), Richmond (VA), and San Francisco (CA)!

PSB Boston and New York City will be led by two great directors who you can read about below!

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