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Get to know THE PSB TEAM

Our Team is made up of City Staff on the ground in each city and remote City Support Staff distributed around the country. 

Our City Staff includes City Directors who lead the city as well as General Managers and Managers who support the City Director on and off the court. Check out our City Staff here!

Our City Support Staff functions to support our City Staff, parents, players, and coaches in order to provide the highest quality youth basketball experience possible in each city. See our City Support Staff below!

Our City Support Staff is made up of the team members BELOW

Logan Kosmalski

Co-Founder and CEO

Brendan Winters

Co-Founder and CGO

Zain Motani Pro Skills Basketball

Zain Motani

VP of Business Operations

Chris Goodrum - Pro Skills Basketball

CHris Goodrum

National Director

Headshot of Kenita Glover, Pro Skills Basketball Employee

KEnita GLover

Administrative Director

Colin RObbie

Team Captain & Business Dev. Director

Katie LInville

HR Coordinator

Becky Davis Headshot, Pro Skills Basketball staff

BEcky Davis


Jill Barnes Pro Skills Basketball Staff

Administrative Assistant

James Maerder

Team Captain

Pierre Stines is the director for youth basketball programs at Pro Skills Basketball in Tampa FL

Pierre Stines

Team Captain

Pete Campbell

Team Captain

Pro Skills Basketball Philadelphia - Jeff Vangorder

Jeff Vangorder

National Recruiting Coordinator

National Coaching Advisor

Interested in joining our team?

Jeff Vangorder