Pro Skills Basketball is looking for the “Navy Seals” of youth basketball. 

Please excuse the military comparison, but we are looking for the best of the best youth basketball leaders to become our next City Directors in major US cities.

We are looking for women and men of high character and grit who see the problems in youth basketball and want to join an elite team focused on a singular mission: to change the culture of youth basketball. 

And like the Seals, this job is not easy, glamorous, or often fun. In fact, it’s really hard and very few have the desire, passion, and fortitude to make it work, but for those that do, it can be the most rewarding and fulfilling job of their career.

This job typically begins as a part-time position with the desire and expectation from both the City Director and PSB that, together, we will build up PSB in that city to eventually be able to support a full-time City Director position.

This position also includes opportunities for personal and professional development as well as the potential for career advancement.

Our City Directors:

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Hire, manage and retain the highest quality of coaches
    • Perform quality checks according to PSB guidelines
    • Provide feedback to coaches according to PSB guidelines
  2. Organize, arrange and communicate practice, workout and game schedules for all teams
    • Have schedules in place according to PSB guidelines
    • Communicate with coaches, managers, and parents according to PSB guidelines
  3. Keep operating expenses in line with city budget
    • Submit all receipts according to PSB guidelines
  4. Lead on-court events when necessary according to PSB guidelines
  5. Establish positive customer relations
    • Practice respect at all times
  6. Grow the number of players/teams in your city year over year
    • Execute grassroots marketing strategies
    • Contribute to PSB social media accounts according to PSB guidelines
  7. Communicate with PSB Support Staff 
    • Practice punctuality for all scheduled meetings and calls
    • Provide input and contribute to all PSB meetings and calls
  8. Problem-solve with the help of PSB Support Staff
    • Respectfully and clearly handle problems and issues as they arise