Basketball Clinics

Clinics are 1-3 hour events that typically specialize on a specific skill or skill set. Shooting, offensive moves, ball handling & dribble skills clinics are some of the options available.

Our clinics are a great way for your child to receive extra training and specific instruction during his or her time off from school! In addition, your son or daughter can attend small, large, and private group trainings as well as camps in conjunction to the clinics.

Basketball Clinics Near You

May 7Boston FREE Skills Clinic - Pre K and Kindergarten9:30am-10:15am$0Andover, MA
May 7Boston FREE Skills Clinic - Grades 1-310:15am-11:15am$0Andover, MA
May 7Boston FREE Skills Clinic - Grades 4-811:15am-12:30am$0Andover, MA
May 29S. CLT Offensive Skills Clinic9:00-11:00am$40Charlotte, NC
May 29N. CLT Offensive Skills Clinic10:00am-12:00pm$40Charlotte, NC
May 29Memorial Day Shooting Clinic9:00am-11:00am$45Denver, CO

Basketball Clinics in Action