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My first trip to China for basketball was in the summer of 2016 when we were hired by Nike Basketball Camps to run 3 weeks of camp in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Going in, we didn’t know a ton about China youth basketball except that basketball was by far the most popular sport in China. In fact, we had read and heard about a pretty staggering statistic …

The number of people who play basketball in China is roughly the same as the population of the entire United States, which is about 300 million people!

Needless to say, we were super impressed and inspired in China by the popularity and love of basketball. We saw first hand the kids who were at the basketball camps as well as talked to as many people as we could, and we even played pick up basketball in the parks in Shanghai. We were so inspired actually that we decided that we wanted to open up Pro Skills Basketball full-time in China!

And that brings us to 2017, and currently as I’m writing this, we’ve just finished our first official summer as Pro Skills Basketball China. We ran 8 weeks of camp in 4 different cities, including Wenzhou, Bengbu, Chengdu, and Hong Kong, which you can read about here.

In this 2nd summer of youth basketball in China, we learned even more about Chinese youth basketball and that’s what I want to share today …

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Youth Basketball in China!


NEWS: PSB China Summer Basketball 2017 Recap

china youth sports basketball training camp

PSB had an amazing first summer of basketball in China after officially establishing Pro Skills Basketball China this past spring! After a great summer last year in 2016 running a few weeks of Nike Basketball Camps in Hangzhou and Shanghai, China, this summer PSB expanded to run camps in Chengdu, Wenzhou, Hong Kong, and Bengbu.

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NEWS: New Online Registration Software

League AppsBeginning this fall, Pro Skills Basketball will be using a new online registration software called League Apps. We are making the switch because we believe this new software is better suited to us as a youth basketball organization as well as more convenient and easy for our parents to use.

All new and returning users will have a create a new account on League Apps, but this can simply be done using your Facebook profile if you should so choose. If not, users can manually enter their required information. After that, users will be able to login as always.

To read about all the great features League Apps offers for youth basketball, please go to their website here.

Currently, some of our programs and events are still finishing up using our old registration software, Zen Planner, but by September 1st all cities should be switched over to League Apps.

To check out the programs and events in your city, click here and sign up today!


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