Showcase Basketball Camps

Our Showcase Basketball Camps are 1-2 day events typically held on weekends and dedicated to teaching serious, competitive players more advanced skills and drills while simultaneously showcasing their skills to college coaches and/or scouts. These events are staffed with the top-notch high school and college coaches as well as former college and pro players.

We offer two types of Showcase Camps through our Academic Showcase Camps and the Paul Biancardi Camps, which you can read about below.

Academic Showcase Camps

PSB has helped numerous players play basketball at some of the highest rated academic institutions in the country. Continuing on in that tradition, our Academic Showcase Camps are geared towards high school basketball players who focus on both academics and basketball.

While these camps will certainly help give players exposure, they will also focus on educating players and parents about college basketball, enrollment, recruiting, and other subjects.

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Paul Biancardi Camps

Paul Biancardi is ESPN’s National Director of Recruiting for boys high school basketball as well as being a former college coach for many years. The Paul Biancardi Camps are for advanced level middle school and high school boys players who want to learn through and compete in advanced level drills and games.

At these camps, players will be evaluated and taught by advanced level trainers and coaches, including Coach Biancardi and more.

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Academic Showcase Camps

Paul Biancardi Camps

Showcase Basketball Camps in Action

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