Q: Where do I get my PSB apparel?

A: Every director will start with a designated apparel package (2 polo shirts, 3 t-shirts, shorts) and any addition apparel requests will need to be paid for by the director.


Q: How many kids do we want at a PSB summer camp?

A: All camp and clinic goals will be determined by gym size and coaching availability. Directors will discuss participant goals with PSB leaders prior to every event.


Q: Where do I get my camp supplies?

A: PSB offices are responsible for sending directors all supplies they need to any camp or clinic. Every director will receive a supplies package that is predetermined by PSB leaders.


Q: How often do coaches need to be background checked?

A: Camp, clinic and team coaches must be background checked once a year. So even if a coach has coached with us for one year straight, a background check must still be performed if it has been one year since said coach has had one done. Directors are responsible for sending camp, clinic and team coaches the link for background checks.


Q: What is the ratio to camp coaches to campers?

A: For camps, PSB has a policy of 1 camp counselor for every 10 players.

Q: Can a team coach be responsible for coaching more than 1 team in a season?

A: Yes, but this should be avoided if possible. A coach with multiple teams makes scheduling both practices and tournaments a challenge. Plus, PSB is about quality. If a coach is spread too thin, we run the risk of sacrificing the quality of his coaching.


Q: What needs to happen when directors need to remove a coach, parent or child from their program?

A: Decisions of this magnitude should first be discussed with PSB leaders. The situation will be discussed and a plan of execution will be discussed and decided upon as a group.


Q: What do a tell a player that needs a new uniform? What about a coach that needs a new polo?

A: Instruct that player that a new uniform order needs to be placed with PSB through  Same goes for any coaching



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