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Thank you for visiting the official website of Pro Skills Basketball (PSB) Charlotte, North Carolina’s premiere AAU basketball club.

Our teams are instructed by experienced and knowledgeable coaches whose focus is the improvement of our individual players, not simply winning championships.

Our mission is to prepare players for the next level of their basketball careers while also teaching them life lessons that will lead to success off the court as well.


Pro Skills Basketball (PSB) AAU club teams are for intermediate to advanced level players. Each team is led by experienced and knowledgeable local coaches and are dedicated to the development of the individual players, not winning championships. We stress hard work and dedication over talent, and teamwork over individual play.

Our directors and coaches stress our “F.O.C.U.S.” acronym of life lessons to our players, which stands for Fun, Overcome, Compete, Unity, and Sacrifice. Through these life lessons, we believe that our players are learning lessons that will help them be successful in anything the do, whether on the court or off.


PSB club teams were started by Pro Skills Basketball co-founders, Logan Kosmalski and Brendan Winters, in the spring of 2012 in the Lake Norman/north Charlotte area of NC. Throughout the next few years, PSB grew to include boys and girls teams from 3rd-12th grade and expanded throughout the Charlotte area.

Today the club is home to more than 35 boys and girls teams in and around Charlotte and have helped send over 50 players go on to play at the next level in college, including over over 25 Division I players.

For the 2018 season, we have separated our Elite Team program from our local Club Team program as these Elite Teams are more intense and require a bigger commitment, and thus, needed to be treated separately.


PSB club teams are led by Pro Skills Basketball co-founder, PSB Charlotte Director, and former Davidson Wildcat and professional player, Brendan Winters. Assisting him are Jason Snow who is the North Charlotte Director and Colin Robbie who is the South Charlotte Director. Together, they team up to lead the club and ensure PSB’s vision comes to life.


Our mission is to prepare our players for the next level of their basketball careers, whether that be elementary, middle, high school, or college, while simultaneously teaching them important life lessons that will lead to success in anything they do off the court as well.

PSB’s vision is to change the win-at-all-costs, negative youth basketball environment to a more healthier, more positive environment through a focus on teaching, coaching, and learning.


Our spring/summer season runs from March – June/July with tryouts held between February and early March. Our fall/winter season runs from September – January with tryouts held in early to mid August. Our main season is the spring/summer season when ALL teams are reset before tryouts and ALL spots are open.

Our secondary season is the fall/winter season, and we simply fill in the open spots on our teams. If a player makes a team and plays during the spring/summer season then they will have the option to continue on for the following fall/winter season. However, if a player chooses not to continue then their spot will be forfeited and given to another player at tryouts.

See below for specific season and tryout info!


The spring/summer season is our “main” competitive basketball season for boys and girls and runs from March through June for our 3rd-5th grade teams and March through July for our 6th-11th grade teams.

Teams in grades 3-5 practice 2 hours per week while teams in grades 6-11 practice 3 hours a week. All teams play 1-3 weekend tournaments per month, with an average of 4-6 games per tournament.

Players must commit to all months of the season. We understand occasional conflicts, vacations, other commitments, etc. and that is ok, but players still must commit to all months regardless.

Spring/summer season tryouts will be held throughout February. All teams are reset before these tryouts and all spots are open to any players wanting to tryout. Players who make the team and play in the spring/summer season have the option to continue on into the fall/winter season, and should they choose to do so, their spot will be guaranteed.

Please read through our very detailed Spring/Summer Season Club Policies & Procedures Handbook to get a thorough understanding of our club!!

Charlotte AAU Basketball


The fall/winter season is our secondary competitive basketball season for boys and girls and runs from September through January for our 4th-12th grade teams.

Players will have the option to attend skill workouts during the week and on select Sundays. Teams in grades 3-8 will play on Sunday afternoons in a fall and winter league while teams in grades 9-12 will play on Sunday afternoons in the fall only.

Players must commit to all months of the season. Note: All teams will be “off” for Thanksgiving Break as well as Christmas Break.

Fall/winter season tryouts will be held between early and mid-August. During these tryouts all spots are NOT open like in spring/summer tryouts, but instead we will fill in any open spots on teams. Players who make the team and play in the spring/summer season have the option to continue on into the fall/winter season, and should they choose to do so, their spot will be guaranteed.

Please read through our very detailed Fall/Winter Season Club Policies & Procedures Handbook to get a thorough understanding of our club!


We have boys and girls teams from 3rd-11th grade in north and south Charlotte. Each team is led by experienced and knowledgable coaches and dedicated to the development of the individual players, not winning championships. We stress hard work and dedication over talent, and teamwork over individual play.

Our mission is to prepare our players for the next level of their basketball careers, whether that be elementary, middle, high school, or college, while simultaneously teaching them important life lessons that will lead to success in anything they do off the court as well.

Please note: Our Elite Team program is separate from our local Club Team program.

Read more about our teams below!

Pro Skills Basketball Teams


Lake Norman Area Teams

Our Lake Norman teams are based out of the Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson and Mooresville area.

Team practices are held at various school and recreational gyms around the area.

We expect all teams to be competitive.

Concord Area Teams

Our Concord area teams are based out of Cox Mill High School.

We expect all teams to be competitive.


Central Charlotte Area Teams

Our central Charlotte area teams are based out of the Dilworth, Myers Park and SouthPark area.

Team practices are held at various school and recreational gyms around the area.

We expect all teams to be competitive.

South Charlotte Area Teams

Our south Charlotte teams are based out of the Ballantyne and Waxhaw area, specifically Ardrey Kell and Marvin Ridge high schools.

Team practices may also be held at other local area gyms, such as Charlotte Latin or Providence Presbyterian Church.

We expect all teams to be competitive.


Brendan Winters - Pro Skills Basketball Charlotte
Brendan Winters

Club Director

 Jason Snow Pro Skills Basketball Charlotte

jason snow

North Boys Teams Manager

Colin Robbie Pro Skills Basketball Charlotte
Colin Robbie

South Boys Teams Manager


Spring/Summer 2017

3rd Gold Brent Williams
4th Gold Tony Watson
5th White Nick Noel
5th Black Chance Smith
5th Gold Tramaine Pride
6th Black Jason Barnes
6th Gold Jim Chandless
7th Black Cassidy McCorkle
7th Gold Kevin Walk
8th Gold Jeff Matuszko
9th Cameron Cruz
10th Gold Will Merrell, BJ Spencer
10th Black Nick Noel
8th Grade Jay Martin
10th Grade Charese Allen
3rd Gold Dowell Harmon
4th Black David Garber
4th Gold Austin Marsh
5th Black Cam Niesler
5th Gold Ryan Winters
6th Black Alex Johnson
6th Gold Steve Sorenson
7th Black Jacob Wilmot
7th Gold Judson Hall
8th Black Zach English
8th Gold Lamar Hull
9th Thomas Carlos Thomas
9th Gordon Lawrence Gordon
9th Gold Kenny Hairston Sr.
10th Gold Collin Wade
11th Black Alex McDonald
11th Gold Patrick McCarthy
10th Grade Jacklyn Marshall

Fall/Winter 2016-17

Teams Manager Jason Snow
4th Grade Brent Williams
5th Grade Gold Brent Williams
5th Grade Black BJ Spencer
6th Grade Gold Jim Chandless
6th Grade Black Jason Barnes
7th Grade Dorian Albritton
8th Grade Black Ryan Chester
8th Grade White Jason Snow
9th Grade Gold Jeff Coble
9th Grade Black BJ Spencer
10th Grade Kenny Hairston
11th Grade James Moye
8th Grade Logan Hartman
Teams Manager Colin Robbie
4th Grade Austin Marsh
5th Grade Gold Ryley Beaumont
5th Grade Black Tony Sabato
6th Grade Bryan Williams
7th Grade Kyle Musemeci
8th Grade Gold Geno Malpas
8th Grade Black Colin Robbie
9th Grade Reggie Hairston
11th Grade Chris Nugent


While we expect all of our teams to be competitive, our Elite Teams are for advanced/elite level players in grades 9-11 who are on track to potentially play in college and committed to the work required to get to that level.

This is a different/separate program from our other local club teams as these teams are more intense and require a larger commitment all around from coaches, parents, and players.

The mission of PSB Elite teams is to help serious, advanced-level high school players who want to play in college achieve that goal. We do this through increasing basketball skills and IQ, running a team system that gives players the best chance to be successful, and playing in tournaments that maximize players chances of being recruited. On top of that, we also work to educate players and parents on the college basketball recruiting and admissions process.

Please take time to read our 2018 Elite Team Club Policies and Procedures Handbook for ALL details!


Tryouts for our Elite Teams Will Be in Feb/March of 2018!

Class of 2018

Josiah Jeffers – Longwood University

Adrian Martin – TBD

Madison Monroe – Army

Brett Swilling – TBD

Satchel Hester – TBD

Scott Harvey – TBD

Blake Preston – Liberty University

Connor Arnold – Virginia Military Institute

Torey James – TBD


Nick Scibelli – Macalester College

John Ingram – TBD

Jaylen Bynum – TBD

Connor Reed – TBD

Trey Jones – TBD

Tyler Luther – TBD

Jalen Harris – TBD

Holden Schachte – TBD

Isaiah Abbot – TBD

Seth Capizzi – TBD

Class of 2017

Bryant Thomas – UNC Charlotte

Walker Miller – University of North Carolina

Bates Jones – Davidson College

John Meeks – Bucknell University

Jordan Mackenzie – Stony Brook University

Ryan Schwieger – Princeton University

Wes Morgan – University of North Florida

Marcus Thomas – Western Carolina University


Reece Bogan – Walsh University

Brandon Reeves – Mars Hill College

Quay Kimble – Lees McRrae College

Jackson Rhodes – University of Virginia

Andrew Metcalf – Pfieffer University

Shawn Morrison Jr – TBD

Matthew Statile – Guilford College

Nick Dietrich – Newberry College

Francis Sio -Wingate University

Class of 2016

Jordan Shepherd – Oklahoma University

Michael Buckland – Lipscomb University

Ben Robertson – Bucknell University

Ray Kowalski – Southeast Missouri State

Joe Hartman – Haverford College

David Reynolds – Bowdoin College

Myles McGregor – Presbyterian College

Myles Monroe -Truett McConnell University

Raekwon Long – Chattanooga State College

Mac Brydon – Mercer University

Parker Julian – Washington & Lee University

Spencer Kirkpatrick – North Greenville University


Bo Blight – UNC Charlotte

Caron Copening – Wingate University

Hugh Crump – Washington & Lee University

Jack Larkin – Roanoke College

Greyson Kelley – Olney Central JUCO

Stephen Misenheimer – Wingate University

Caleb Jordan – Roanoke College

Patrick Tape – Columbia University

Wyatt Self – Campbell University

Luke Gibson – Newberry College

Grant Stoller – William Peace University

Nathan Slack – Methodist University

Drew Kelly – Catawba Valley College

Class of 2015

Kishawn Pritchett – Davidson College

Hunter Seacat – William & Mary University

Steven Santa Ana – Elon University

Trey Phills – Yale University

Charles Minlend – University of San Francisco

Kenny Hairston – Limestone College

Trey Ford – Appalachian State

Class of 2014

Jordan Watkins – Davidson College

Connor Burchfield – William & Mary University

Rusty Reigel – Davidson College

Stefan Kostic – Pfeiffer University

Justas Narusas – Lyon College

Andrew Howard – John Wood College

Greg Childress – Catawba College


It is our policy to provide basketball opportunities to players regardless of financial circumstances. In order to provide players with these opportunities, we offer financial assistance to youth participants meeting the guidelines listed here.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please fill out our financial aid form here and email or mail a copy of the official school lunch program letter. For any questions, please email us at info@proskillsbasketball.com or call us at 704-288-1710.


PSB Select is a non-profit 501(c)3 company. ALL funds donated will be used to help players who require financial assistance. If you would like to make a donation, please use the Paypal form below. Thanks for your generosity!


Click Below to Donate


Q: What Separates PSB Club Teams From Other Basketball Clubs?

A: 1. Our dedication to the individual improvement of our players. Of course we play every game to win, but having the most talented teams and/or winning championships are not our goals. Our goal is solely to make every child a more skilled and smarter basketball player than when he or she joined the team while also teaching them important life lessons such as hard work, overcoming adversity, teamwork, etc. Read about our club history here.

2. We hand select knowledgable and experienced coaches who are passionate teachers of the game. Not just anyone can coach with us. We do not hire fathers as coaches unless they are overly-qualified, and even that is rare. All coaches are also subjected to a background-check to ensure a safe environment for the kids. Read about our boys coaches here and our girls coaches here.

3. Our exclusive partnerships. We want to make playing for PSB an incredible experience for all players, so we partner with great companies that offer awesome benefits to our players and families, including Under Armour, Dick’s, Champions Sports Performance, and many more!

4. Last, but certainly not least, our intense and demanding, but positive environment. We are trying to change the negative culture of youth basketball through a more positive focus on teaching and coaching our players. Players, parents, and coaches are all required to sign our “Codes of Conduct”, which ensures a positive experience for everyone involved.

Q: Who Coaches the Teams?

A: Teams are coached by experienced and well-qualified local coaches. Most of our coaches are former college and/or professional players and/or coaches. Some are even current college players or high school coaches. Click our coaches link to see our past and current coaches.

Q: Does Everyone Who Tries Out Make the Team?

A: Our club teams are NOT for beginners, but rather, for intermediate to advanced level players. Unfortunately, not everyone will make a team. Players are selected by ability and attitude. We offer player development programs through our parent organization, Pro Skills Basketball, for beginners and those who do not make a team.

Q: How Many Players Are On a Team?

A: There are typically 10 players on a team and that is the max, but some teams may only have 8 or 9.

Q: Do Players Get Equal Playing Time?

A: No. Although every player will get game minutes, playing time is earned based on each player’s performance in practice and games. Playing time is earned, not given.

Q: Are There A and B Teams?

A: If enough players try out to make a second competitive team then another team may be formed. These teams are typically divided into “A” and “B” teams.

Q: What is the Commitment Level?

A: We are looking for committed players, but we understand how busy kids are these days so we are flexible when conflicts come up. We ask that you at minimum make 90% of your teams practices and games.

Q: Can My Child Play Another Sport at the Same Time?

A: Yes. We have some players who play multiple sports. Some conflicts may occur, but players should be able to attend the majority of the practices and games, unless given special permission.


Q: When and How Long is the Select Team Season?

A: The “main” competitive club basketball season is the spring/summer season when the teams play weekend tournaments. We hold tryouts between the middle and end of February after the school season and then start the season the first week of March and go through June or July depending on grade.

Our “secondary” season is the fall/winter season when teams play in Saturday or Sunday leagues. We hold tryouts between the middle and end of August and then start the season after Labor Day in September and go through January. Please click here to read more specific info about each season and for tryout information!

Q: Can I Only Play Specific Seasons?

A: Yes. We reset all teams each spring beginning with tryouts. Once those teams are formed, each player who played in the spring/summer has the option to continue on into the fall/winter season (3rd-9th grade only). The players already on the team must attend tryouts, but will already have a spot on a team. There may, however, not be any openings if all players decide to continue on into the next season. For this reason, we highly encourage players to attend the big tryouts in the spring when we are looking to fill 10 spots per team. To see when the next tryouts are, click here!

Q: When Are Practices?

A: Practices will be held two days per week, between Monday and Thursday. The times are typically between 6-9pm. In some cases, younger teams may only practice once per week.

Q: Where Will Practices Be Held?

A: Practices for our north Charlotte teams are held at local gyms in the Lake Norman area, which include schools and gyms in Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, and Mooresville. Practices for our south Charlotte teams are held at local gyms in the Ballantyne area. See our Gym Locations page for possibilities.

Q: Where Will Games Be? Will Teams Travel?

A: All PSB teams will play in local Charlotte or surrounding area tournaments and leagues. However, in the spring/summer season, middle school teams may finish the season with a travel tournament and high school teams will travel for recruiting purposes.

Q: When Are Tournaments and Leagues?

A: Tournaments are held on Friday evenings (sometimes), Saturdays, and Sundays during the spring/summer season. Typically, each tournament has a 3 game minimum guaranteed. Leagues are either on Saturdays or Sundays during the fall/winter season.


Q: What Kind of Tournaments Will You Play In? YBOA, NTBA, AAU Division I, II, OR III, USBA, USSSA?

A: After teams are formed, we will judge the level of competition that we feel suits each team. All types of tournaments will be considered, but we will do what’s best for the players and team in order to get the best experience possible. We may move a team up or down during the season depending on its level of success.

Q: What Does YBOA, NTBA, USBA, USSSA, and AAU Stand For?

A: YBOA stands for Youth Basketball Organization of America. NTBA stands for National Travel Basketball Association. USBA stands for United States Basketball Association. USSSA stands for United States Specialty Sports Association. AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union.

Q: What is the Difference Between These Organizations?

A: They are all similar organizations in that they all put on youth basketball/sports tournaments, but they vary in the level of competition. In our opinion, AAU div. 1/2 has the best competition, followed by NTBA, USBA, and then AAU div. 3, USSA, and YBOA are all about the same.

Q: Do I Need Memberships to These Organizations?

A: Yes, you will be required to purchase your individual $15-20 AAU membership if the team is playing AAU, but your team will purchase any of the other organization’s memberships for you.

Q: When Do You Play in Leagues?

A: We play in leagues in the fall/winter season.

Q: When Days Do You Play in the Leagues?

A: Fall league games are typically on Saturdays, and winter league games are typically on Sundays.


Q: How Much Does it Cost to Play on a Team?

A: The team fee varies by grade and gender, but is typically between $165-$225/month depending on player division and season. In the spring/summer season, all players will be required to purchase a $130-200 discounted Under Armour player pack one time at the beginning of their season, which is the players to keep.

Q: What Does the Club Fee Cover?

A: The club fee covers gym time for practice, coaches fees, tournament entry fees, game uniform rental, insurance, and a Pro Skills Basketball team membership.

Q: What Do I Get With a Pro Skills Basketball Team Membership?

A: This membership gives each player a discount of 20% off various Pro Skills Basketball programs, including Training, Clinics, and Camps!

Q: What Do I Get With The Under Armour ‘Player Pack’?

A: The Under Armour player pack is a steeply discounted pack of UA basketball gear and shoes. Again, it varies depending on grade and gender, but typically includes a practice uniform, 2 shirts, and a bag. The older teams are typically required to buy shoes as well.

Q: Are Scholarships/Financial Aid or “Sibling Discounts” Available?

A: “Scholarships” based strictly on ability are not given. However, a limited amount of need-based financial aid is available. In these cases, the player and family must provide certain documents to prove financial aid is needed. Please see our Financial Aid page for more info.

We also have a “sibling discount” available. After the first full-price child, each other child that plays receives 25% off the monthly membership.

Charlotte AAU Team Tryouts & Workouts