4 Takeaways from the Digital Summit for Youth Basketball

This past week Pro Skills Basketball had the opportunity to attend the Digital Summit in Charlotte, NC. This is a digital marketing conference that travels across the nation giving insight into the current state of digital marketing and offers content to help businesses grow through the digital age. Here are our 4 Takeaways from the Digital Summit for Youth Basketball!

#1 Use Social Media to Engage with your Audience

Often we see businesses use social media simply as a platform to sell their products in an attempt to make more money and be a better business. We see that businesses are too focused on the “media” aspect and forget about the

Social Media Logos

“social” aspects. After all, it is called “social” media.

Social media was created in an attempt to allow us as a community to have a voice and share it with others. It is a platform to build a community and give a voice to the voiceless.

At PSB our parents and players push our organization forward with their feedback. As one of the nation’s leaders in youth basketball development, we understand that our players and parents have a voice. We know that without them we have no organization.

Learning how to engage with your audience through social media and create conversations with them will give you direct insight into what your customer wants from you as a business. There is no more valuable data that directly hearing from one of your customers how they feel about your organization and what you can fix to create a better experience for them.

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NEWS: PSB to Bring AAU Teams to 4 New Cities in 2020

Pro Skills Basketball is excited to announce that we are adding four new cities to our organization, and they’ll be offering PSB AAU Teams / Club Teams starting in 2020.

Nashville (TN), Philadelphia (PA), Richmond (VA), and San Francisco (CA) will be joining our current cities of Charlotte (NC), Chattanooga (TN), Denver (CO), Greensboro (NC), Raleigh (NC), and Winston-Salem (NC)!

Each of these new cities adds unique value to our organization, and conversely, we can’t wait for what we’re going to bring to each of those cities!

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PSB Ultimate Shooting Guide

PSB Ultimate Shooting Guide

PSB Ultimate Shooting GuidePSB Co-founder Logan Kosmalski is the creator of the PSB Ultimate Shooting Guide. He is a former All-Conference player at Davidson College went on to play multiple seasons professionally overseas in multiple different countries.

Logan has taken his invaluable experience to create the Pro Skills Basketball Ultimate Shooting Guide.

To find out more about this FREE Shooting Guide we interviewed Logan to learn more!

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PSB Podcast “Overseas Basketball Stories” – De’Mon Brooks

In this episode of the PSB Podcast, PSB Co-founder Brendan Winters sits down with former Davidson College Wildcat stand out, and current overseas professional basketball player, De’Mon Brooks. Brendan and De’Mon discuss DeMon’s career and all of the ups and downs that come with playing overseas basketball.

Brooks had an incredible run in his time at Davidson College (2010-11 through 2014-15) that included a conference championship and a tournament MVP. He was also named a freshman All-American and Southern Conference Player of the Year.

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4 Tips on How To Learn from Losing

4 Tips on How to Learn from Losing

Losing is part of the competition. If you play any sport long enough, then you will eventually experience the adversity of being defeated. Whether it be an occasional game or going through an entire season and losing more (sometimes many more!) games than you win.

Failure, at some point, is inevitable and unavoidable.

Certainly, no one sets out to lose a game. Coaches, players, and parents should begin to view their team’s struggles in a different light.  Losing, however, is a necessary ingredient to ultimate success.

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