Logan Kosmalski is a former Davidson Wildcat and European professional basketball player as well as the co-founder of Pro Skills Basketball and co-director of Pro Skills Basketball Charlotte.



6 Tips to Motivate & Connect with Young Players

connect and motivate youth athletes


For all the youth coaches out there, I have a question for you:

What is the first thing you did when you found out you would be coaching a youth basketball team?

If I had to venture a guess, I would say a lot of you thought about a few things:

What offense am I going to run?

What are some drills for practice?

How big is my team going to be?



choosing college for basketball

As summer comes to a close, the time for high school basketball players to think more seriously about where they want to go to college is fast approaching.

Maybe some new schools have reached out to you about playing for them. Maybe you’ve learned that you will play DII or DIII instead of DI. Or maybe all you know is that you want to play college basketball. 

Every year, we see PSB players and their parents dive into the process of making a college choice. It’s not easy and not a decision that should be taken lightly. After all, this will hopefully be the next four years of your life as well as your network of friends, alumni and professionals.

Below is our list of Dos and Don’ts when deciding on where to play college basketball.



In early 2016, I stumbled upon what is now one of my favorite documentaries. It’s called Particle Fever and it’s the inside story of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

If you haven’t heard of the LHC, it’s the largest man-made machine in human history and it took 20 plus years to conceptualize and build. Spoiler alert, the movie is all about science…. I will wear my “nerd” label proudly.


Large Hadron Collider the largest man-made machine in human history
One of the 4 “crossing paths” of the LHC – Image from CERN


Physicists that work on the LHC have dedicated their lives to searching for proof to answer humanity’s greatest questions.

Where do we come from?

How did the universe begin?

Where are we?

You know…small stuff like that. And believe it or not, there are still MANY things about physics and the way our world works that scientists don’t understand.

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PSB PODCAST: Andy Panko – Hoop for Thought Series

Every year thousands of high school players set out on the summer recruiting circuit in hopes of fulfilling their dreams of playing DI.

But what happens when the summer ends and none of those DI schools have come calling?

What do you do when the only schools that want you are at the DIII level?

Andy Panko D3 basketball player

This was the situation facing Andy Panko in the late 1990’s. His decision put him on a path that few expected.

Andy was an undersized, skinny high school player. Like everyone else, he had dreams of playing for a power conference DI school and moving on to the NBA.

But at the end of his high school career, it was clear that the DI schools weren’t coming after him.

Andy wanted to go somewhere where he would play and play right away, so he enrolled at Lebanon Valley College…and the rest is history.

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NEWS: New York Academic Showcase Basketball Camp (Recap)

New York Academic Showcase Basketball Camp

75 academically driven basketball players descended upon Baruch College in the heart of New York City for PSB’s Academic Showcase Camp on May 12th.  

Players came from Virginia, Indiana, California, North Carolina, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to showcase their abilities to the many college coaches on staff and in attendance.

The staff for this academic camp consisted of coaches from Williams College, Middlebury College, NYU, Carnegie Mellon University, Washington & Lee University, John Jay College, Hamilton College, Bowdoin College, Babson College and Wesleyan University.  

New York Basketball Camp

These are some of the top academic institutions in the country.

The players had the unique opportunity to be coached by college coaches and participate in college-level skill work, drills and breakdowns.  

PSB Academic Showcases pride themselves on being a learning experience and an opportunity to improve, not just a chance to play games.

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