The 5 Benefits of Sports Recruits for Basketball Players

Pro Skills Basketball is excited to announce that we have partnered with Sports Recruits for the 2020 season to give players in select PSB cities the best opportunity to get connected with college basketball coaches. With over 100 PSB alumni committed to, playing, or having played college basketball, SportsRecruits will better allow us to assist and guide them in the college basketball recruiting process.

Sports Recruits x Pro Skills Basketball

Sports Recruits, simply put, is a recruiting management platform.

It won’t replace the hard work that PSB Directors and Coaches do to help our players through their process, but rather, it will streamline and make the process more efficient for all parties: players, college coaches and PSB.

According to Sports Recruits, “Sports Recruits provides trusted and accurate data around your recruiting process. Student-athletes shouldn’t have to wonder if activity from college coaches is real.”

Manager of Basketball Operations, JD Ey, says: “We will use Sports Recruits to enable our players to play an active role in their recruiting process. We also have coaches and directors with significant experience and knowledge of the recruiting process, who will be able to manage, guide and help our players using the SportsRecruits platform.”

Technology changes and improves nearly every industry, yet youth sports consistently lags behind other businesses and industries. It was time for us to invest in technology that will help us help our athletes.

With all that said, at PSB, we see Sports Recruits as having 5 main benefits for our high school players.

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5 steps in basketball recruiting process

Do these 5 things to give yourself the best chance to play college basketball.

First things first: if you don’t take care of these things, then forget about playing college basketball.

  • Maximize your GPA and Test Scores.
  • Constantly work to improve your game.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Communicate with all college coaches.



PSB College Basketball Alumni

Pro Skills Basketball have been helping young athletes enhance and improve their skills and fundamentals in basketball. We have alumni in 16 out of 32 di conferences including Atlantic Coast Conference, Southern Conference, West Coast Conference, and Patriot League.

We have helped over 80 invaluable young athletes to go on to play college basketball since 2014. There are 41 players in Division I alone with Caleb Mills of Houston University as one of our alumni for 2019. For Division II, we have 19 alumni and Kenny Hairston of Limestone College is one of our alumni in 2015.

We also have 16 players that play Division III and David Raynolds from Bowdoin College is one of our alumni in 2016. We also have 5 players in JUCO and 1 player in NAIA.

Pro Skills Basketball does not only help produce outstanding basketball players but we provide our players the opportunity to recruited by college basketball programs.

We have helped save tuition costs in the amount of $8,302,280.00 since 2014 through college basketball scholarships.

Below is an infographic that represents the young athletes that we have helped get the exposure they need to get recruited to play college basketball. The infographic also shows exceptional players of various universities from Divisions I, II and III and their key accomplishments.

PSB College Basketball Recruits Infographic
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Written By: Zain Motani

Oak Hill 2016-2017 Basketball Team
Oak Hill has a big-time winning history. Pictured here is the 2016-17 team.

In this era, it seems like transferring programs for top high school basketball prospects from local schools to top academies has become ubiquitous.

Reasons for transferring include a desire to win a national championship and the need to be challenged in practice and games in ways their previous schools cannot provide.

The summer of 2018 set off shockwaves in the high school basketball community – not because of the number of high profile transfers, but the number of transfers to high profile programs that already had a slew of high profile recruits.


PODCAST: Paul Biancardi, ESPN National Director of Boys HS Basketball


Each week in the “Pick & Pop” series of the PSB Podcast, PSB co-founders, Logan Kosmalski and Brendan Winters, discuss and debate a relevant topic in their world of youth basketball.

For this episode though, Brendan talks with guest, Paul Biancardi, a former 20+ year college coach as well as current ESPN National Director of Boy’s High School Basketball.

In his current role with ESPN, Coach Biancardi’s job is to rank, grade, and evaluate the nation’s top talent, so he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the podcast.

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