Paul Biancardi ESPNRecently, I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Paul Biancardi, ESPN’s national director of recruiting, and ask him some questions about college basketball recruiting.

Paul Biancardi has coached at the highest level in the game as a head coach and an assistant. He was an assistant coach at St. Louis, Ohio State and Boston College before becoming the head coach of Wright State, where he was named Horizon League Coach of the Year in 2004.

The below questions are a quick, helpful read for players who want to play basketball in college as well as parents and coaches who want to help their kids/players get there.

Paul Biancardi talks about How to Get Recruited for College Basketball

#1. What is the biggest mistake you see kids make in terms of getting recruited?

They make two major mistakes in my opinion. First, they rush the process and make a quick decision sometimes without getting enough information and not doing their homework. Second is they play with the process. They lead programs on and string out their decision just to get more attention.

#2. What is the biggest mistake parents make in supporting their child’s ability to play at the collegiate level?

They look at the highest level of competition and the biggest name for their child versus looking at the best opportunity. The Co-Founder of Pro Skills Basketball, Logan Kosmalski also answers this question with the topic Bigger vs. Better.

Paul Biancardi College Recruiting

#3. What is the most important thing(s) players should do to get recruited?

Practice to improve and play to win. When you practice with the purpose to improve, your game raises up and people notice. Next play to win. Nothing attracts coaches more than you helping your team win. Lastly, be a person of high character. High character might not get you a scholarship, but a lack character will definitely prevent you from getting one.

#4. What is the most important thing(s) parents can do to help their child get recruited?

Love and support them, and try NOT to coach them. Encourage them.  Feed them the right food for competition, keep them hydrated and invest in your child’s passion for the game.

#5. Is it necessary to play on so-called shoe circuit teams to get recruited?

No, because the market will sort you out. But you do need to play outside of your area. Traveling outside you area is important.

#6. What should parents look for when deciding on an AAU team for their child?

A coach who is a teacher. Nothing is worse that a coach who can’t teach and correct a player and a team. It’s very important to find the right AAU team for your child and not only the right AAU team, but finding an AAU organization that has knowledgable basketball coaches that can really teach your child the game and develop their fundamentals.

#7. At what age would you say it is important for players to start going to showcase events?

I would say high school is good if you want to go to a showcase event. Don’t expect to be “discovered”. Instead go out and compete with everyone there.

mc donalds all american
Mc Donald’s All Americans pose for a team photo at the United Center prior to the 2012 McDonald’s All American High School Basketball Games, Wednesday, March 28, 2012 in Chicago. (Henny Ray Abrams/McDonald’s)

#8. What are your thoughts on player rankings? Do they matter in recruitment?

Rankings are a snapshot of a players performances over time, their productivity level, and their potential in the future. There are no guarantees to success, and that is a true statement, not a cliché. Every year there are many players that are not ranked that go to college and leave extremely successful.

#9. What resources would you recommend for parents and player to find more information on the college basketball recruiting process? Do you have any information on your webinar?

I will have a webinar in the coming months. Everyone has advice on recruiting, but my question is who is giving the advice? What’s their background in the profession & where have they played or coached. Is it their field of expertise?

#10. Any other thoughts on youth basketball, AAU, college basketball recruiting, etc?

If you want to be your best and have a chance to be successful in the game I will give you my best advice:

#1 Love the game

#2 Respect the game

#3 Prepare for the fame

#4 Improve your game

#5 Learn the game
We want to thank coach Paul Biancardi for taking the time to answer these college basketball recruiting questions. If you would like to contact Paul or more information on his webinar, please follow him on Twitter or contact us and let us know.

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