how to become more aggressive in basketball

How to Become More Aggressive in Basketball

During basketball camps, many parents often ask our coaches for tips on “how to make their son more aggressive.” Sure, they have nice kids, but unfortunately, many players struggle with being aggressive on the basketball court.

When we say aggressive, we don’t mean a young player with bad sportsmanship. We are referring to a player with a lot of confidence who doesn’t back down from any moment to give their all while playing the game they love. The best players need to be aggressive.

Basketball players need to learn how to be aggressive. You gain greater respect with aggression when it comes to basketball. You can be a good person on and off the court, but you need to learn how to assert yourself more when you’re playing. It is simple, you cannot let other players push you around and be more assertive.

Aggression means knowing how to establish your rebounding position, not being able to be easily directed by the defense, or not deferring to the other team. The right amount of aggression turns you into a formidable player, who commands respect.

Why Do You Need to Be More Aggressive in Basketball?

Aggression promotes a passion for the game. Being aggressive in basketball means fighting for your team and teammates, diving on the court, and giving 100% of yourself.

Aggressive play involves risk, struggle, difficulty, and a small amount of chaos. Taking risks may have its downside, but it can pay off as well. If you want to be a serious player, you need to take risks. To do that, you need to be aggressive.

Your team needs you to fight for them. You need to take command, attack the basket, and dominate the boards, no matter your size. Aggressive players know how to hold their ground.

Being aggressive in basketball does not mean you are a bad sport. You can be aggressive without playing cheap or dirty. It doesn’t involve intentionally injuring or hurting other players. Dirty players are abusive. Their goal is to cut corners.

At Pro Skills Basketball, we strive to teach our players to focus on organized communication, fun, mutual respect, and personal growth—on and off the court.

Aggression in basketball means being tough, smart, physically and mentally strong. Use your abilities and take advantage of what you have. Use your speed if you’re fast. Dominate if you’re bigger and stronger.

How to Become More Aggressive in Basketball

Here are some few suggestions on how you can become more aggressive in basketball:

#1 Go After Rebounds

What keeps you from going after rebounds? There is nothing that should keep you from going after a rebound. Do not just stand and watch shots going up. Play more aggressively and go after rebounds.

To go after rebounds, you need to anticipate it.  A good rule of thumb is to box out the opponent closest to the basket. Position yourself between the basket and your opponent, and anticipate the angle where a missed shot will fall. Once you are sure that you have sufficiently boxed out your opponent, then go in for the rebound.

#2 Don’t Hesitate

Are you open? Do not hesitate to take the shot. Catch the ball and shoot. If someone closed out hard on you because you made one jumper, next time, do a head fake and drive to the basket. Is a teammate open? Pass the ball! Eliminate hesitations from your game. 

It helps to play and practice basketball constantly. By developing your skills, you gain more confidence. You also learn to anticipate other players’ movements and strategies, and you become more confident of your game and rid yourself of hesitations.

#3 Run the Floor Hard

Run the floor hard and make hard cuts on offense. Avoid resting when you have the responsibility of help-side defense. Think of different ways that you can bring more power and energy to your game.

#4 Communicate

To play aggressively, you need to be a better communicator. Talk while playing. Remind your teammates what to do or where to go. You will be perceived as a more aggressive player and leader when you communicate more.

#5 Be More Confident

Work on your game and you will feel more confident. When you are confident, you will feel that you can do almost anything on the court. You will feel more relaxed and aggressive because you are confident in your skills and abilities.

If you want to learn how to be more aggressive in basketball, you will benefit from registering to  our basketball camps and clinics

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