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The Benefits of Proper Footwork in Youth Basketball

Proper Footwork and Its Impact on Your Child’s Game

Teaching proper footwork to young players is one of the most important fundamental skills that will help them improve their game in the long run. Footwork is an integral aspect of basketball or any other sport. Almost everything that players do on the court requires good footwork. Whether it is trying to score a basket or defending another player, having proper footwork is an effective way to be quick and agile on the court.

Footwork is also a good place to start when teaching basketball skills during a summer camp or clinic. With proper footwork, players will be able to position themselves better while playing offense or defense. Good footwork techniques will also make other basketball skills such as ball-handling and dribbling more effective. 

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5 Basic Basketball Training Mistakes To Avoid | Pro Skills Basketball

5 Basic Basketball Training Mistakes To Avoid

Perhaps, you’ve always loved playing basketball, and just like everyone else, maybe you’ve dreamed of becoming the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

Yes, they are legends, but it’s not bad to have dreams and to work hard at achieving them. Basketball needs consistent hard work and dedication.

Basketball Training is a Must

Like all things in life, you need to work hard to achieve your goals. If you want to be great at basketball, you need to work hard and train hard. This means hitting the court early and staying late.

You need to invest countless hours in your training, and you have to work on the fundamentals of basketball and learn the strategies of the game will help develop your basketball IQ.

Call it what you want, but players who are really good have a relentless pursuit of excellence. This means doing basketball workouts at home instead of playing video games.

Kobe Bryant became a legend because of his hard work.  He never stopped pushing himself to be better. He was on the court training before anyone else, and he showed unrivaled determination and exceptional work ethic.

Training and workouts are crucial to improving your skills, so it is important to do it properly. You may have perfected one basketball shooting drill, but if you do the same drill every day, are you truly challenging yourself?

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5 Basketball Drills to Work on for Shooting

5 Best In Season Shooting Tips

The 2019-2020 basketball season is here! High School and Middle School basketball teams are preparing to play their first games in the coming weeks. As we are fast approaching the season we wanted to give you a list of our 5 Best In Season Shooting Tips for you to have success throughout the season.

Understand that being a great shooting requires much more than just these 5 Tips. If you did not put in real work during the off-season then it is unlikely that you will see great results this season.

However, if you did put in the work and you are prepared for this season then these tips are for you! So, read and implement. We truly believe these tips will help you as a shooter throughout your season if you do them and do them consistently.

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The Benefits of Teaching Defense to Youth Players

The Benefits of Teaching Defense to Youth Players

How Can Young Basketball Players Benefit From Learning How to Play Defense Effectively?

Defense is one aspect of basketball that is often overlooked and under-emphasized. A player who can score more buckets is considered more important than a player who can force opponents to take tougher shots and stop them from scoring. A lot of youth basketball coaches focuses exclusively on offensive skills like shooting, dribbling and passing when they talk about skills development.

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4 Takeaways from the Digital Summit for Youth Basketball


This past week Pro Skills Basketball had the opportunity to attend the Digital Summit in Charlotte, NC. This is a digital marketing conference that travels across the nation giving insight into the current state of digital marketing and offers content to help businesses grow through the digital age. Here are our 4 Takeaways from the Digital Summit for Youth Basketball!

#1 Use Social Media to Engage with your Audience

Often we see businesses use social media simply as a platform to sell their products in an attempt to make more money and be a better business. We see that businesses are too focused on the “media” aspect and forget about the

“social” aspects. After all, it is called “social” media.

Social media was created in an attempt to allow us as a community to have a voice and share it with others. It is a platform to build a community and give a voice to the voiceless.

At PSB our parents and players push our organization forward with their feedback. As one of the nation’s leaders in youth basketball development, we understand that our players and parents have a voice. We know that without them we have no organization.

Learning how to engage with your audience through social media and create conversations with them will give you direct insight into what your customer wants from you as a business. There is no more valuable data that directly hearing from one of your customers how they feel about your organization and what you can fix to create a better experience for them.

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