NEWS: 2017 Summer Basketball Camps Registration Available Now!

Pro Skills Basketball is excited to announce our 2017 SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMPS SCHEDULE! Now in our 8th summer, we will have more camps, prizes, and contests than ever!

With camps in Charlotte and Greensboro, NC, Denver, CO, Sacramento, CA, Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA, Pro Skills Basketball has established a network of camps that will allow campers in different locations to compete for prizes nationally.

Pro Skills Basketball 2017 summer basketball campsOur summer basketball camps are open to boys and girls in grades 2-9 of all skills and experience levels.

We are dedicated to teaching basketball in a fun and safe environment through drills, competitions, and games.

We are also very excited to announce the development of our PSB Summer Basketball Camps app.

Through the app, players will be able to find camp locations, register, see camp competition scoreboards, compare their scores to their fellow campers and the other campers across the country as well as stay up to date on all camp happenings in their area.

PSB is gearing up for the most exciting summer basketball camps we’ve ever had!

Sign up now for one of our 2017 summer basketball camps below!

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youth summer basketball camps

Summer is finally upon us, which can only mean one thing…it’s summer basketball camp season! Here at Pro Skills Basketball, we are entering our 8th year of hosting summer basketball camps, and we have more camps than ever lined up in June, July and August, specifically 21 camps in 5 different US cities as well as 3 Nike basketball camps in China!

Personally, I love basketball camps! Growing up, my summers we packed with week after week of basketball camps….and maybe there was a baseball camp thrown in there one summer, but that’s beside the point. Camps were crucial for my development socially and athletically. A well structured summer basketball camp can have a tremendous impact on young players. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 benefits of summer youth basketball camps.