10 best youth basketball drills for coronavirus quarantine

10 Best Youth Basketball Drills To Do At Home

While youth basketball players are on lockdown at home due to Coronavirus quarantine, there are still plenty of ways to get better! We’ve developed a list of the 10 best youth basketball drills for players while their on lockdown due to the Coronavirus.

Some of these drills require a basket, like for the Mikan layup drill, but many of them do not like some of the ball-handling and footwork drills. Regardless, whether with or without a basket, they don’t require a lot of space, so they’re perfect for doing at home!

Young players who have true aspirations to play the game of basketball at the next level should take the time to develop their fundamentals. Learning the basics of the game is the first place a player should start as they begin their basketball journey. These basics are also something a player should and will revisit throughout the rest of their basketball careers.

Developing these fundamentals is not that simple of a task, it requires the proper teaching and technique. Just as easy as a player can develop a good habit like the forward pivot, that player can also develop poor habits if he is not instructed correctly.

These youth basketball drills are both for the beginner and the expert. A drill like the 1 Hand Form Shot below is a great drill that both first-time players use and you can see a player as great as Steph Curry using this drill on a daily basis

Now let’s begin with our …

10 Best At-Home Youth Basketball Drills

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