5 Basketball Drills to Work on for Shooting

5 Best In Season Shooting Tips

The 2019-2020 basketball season is here! High School and Middle School basketball teams are preparing to play their first games in the coming weeks. As we are fast approaching the season we wanted to give you a list of our 5 Best In Season Shooting Tips for you to have success throughout the season.

Understand that being a great shooting requires much more than just these 5 Tips. If you did not put in real work during the off-season then it is unlikely that you will see great results this season.

However, if you did put in the work and you are prepared for this season then these tips are for you! So, read and implement. We truly believe these tips will help you as a shooter throughout your season if you do them and do them consistently.

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The Benefits of Teaching Defense to Youth Players

The Benefits of Teaching Defense to Youth Players

How Can Young Basketball Players Benefit From Learning How to Play Defense Effectively?

Defense is one aspect of basketball that is often overlooked and under-emphasized. A player who can score more buckets is considered more important than a player who can force opponents to take tougher shots and stop them from scoring. A lot of youth basketball coaches focuses exclusively on offensive skills like shooting, dribbling and passing when they talk about skills development.

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Why We Value Coaching

Why We Value Coaching

Improving Skills On and Off the Court

It is important for a young athlete to receive guidance during the formative years of their athletic career. That is why coaching plays a crucial role in an athlete’s life. In sports today, coaching shouldn’t only focus on improving the physical aspects and performance of young athletes on the court, we now know and understand the value off of the court guidance. With great coaches, you can make a positive impact on young athletes through a strong coach-player relationship.

The success of a great coach is not just measured by the number of games he or she can win, but also through the impact and influence that they have on their athletes. Successful coaches are strong motivators who focus on promoting positive behaviors and are the ones who ensure success for their athletes even beyond the court.

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PSB Ultimate Shooting Guide

PSB Ultimate Shooting Guide

PSB Co-founder Logan Kosmalski is the creator of the PSB Ultimate Shooting Guide. He is a former All-Conference player at Davidson College went on to play multiple seasons professionally overseas in multiple different countries.

Logan has taken his invaluable experience to create the Pro Skills Basketball Ultimate Shooting Guide.

To find out more about this FREE Shooting Guide we interviewed Logan to learn more!

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10 Best Youth Basketball Strength Drills

Pro Skills Basketball has put together the 10 Best Youth Basketball Strength Drills.

In July, ESPN released an article written by Baxter Holmes titled “‘These kids are ticking time bombs’: The threat of youth basketball”. However, In the light of this article, Pro Skills Basketball has decided to take even more action.

We are also 1 of 15 flagship members of the Jr. NBA, which has created its own Youth Basketball Guidelines that we implement into our organization already.

Our new Pro Skills Basketball strength program is being implemented into our AAU Basketball Team workouts that focus on Strength, Agility, Movement Mechanics, and Movement Education.

It is our goal as an organization to provide our youth players with the information and tools to learn how to move with proper mechanics in an attempt to prevent future injuries. This program also focuses on strengthening their bodies to prepare for the load of AAU, school, or rec basketball.

Our Strength Program consists of what we believe to be the 10 Best Youth Basketball Strength Drills.

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