The 5 Benefits of Sports Recruits for Basketball Players

Pro Skills Basketball is excited to announce that we have partnered with Sports Recruits for the 2020 season to give players in select PSB cities the best opportunity to get connected with college basketball coaches. With over 100 PSB alumni committed to, playing, or having played college basketball, SportsRecruits will better allow us to assist and guide them in the college basketball recruiting process. Sports Recruits, simply put, is a recruiting management platform. It won’t replace the hard work that PSB Directors and Coaches do to help our players through their process, but rather, it will streamline and make the process more efficient for all parties: players, college coaches and PSB. According to Sports Recruits, “Sports Recruits provides trusted and accurate data around your recruiting process. Student-athletes shouldn’t have to wonder if activity from college coaches is real.” Manager of Basketball Operations, JD Ey, says: “We will use Sports Recruits to enable our players to play an active role in their recruiting process. We also have coaches and directors with significant experience and knowledge of the recruiting process, who will be able to manage, guide and help our players using the SportsRecruits platform.”

Technology changes and improves nearly every industry, yet youth sports consistently lags behind other businesses and industries. It was time for us to invest in technology that will help us help our athletes.

With all that said, at PSB, we see Sports Recruits as having 5 main benefits for our high school players.

5 Benefits of Sports Recruits for Basketball Players

#1 Players will create a profile that will be housed on our website

Our PSB high school players will now have an online player profile on our website here that can be updated regularly and will allow college basketball coaches to see and learn more about our players. Previously, we spent a lot of time building databases of college coaches and collecting our player’s information. SportsRecruits updates college coaches’ information consistently and allows our players to make updates to their own profiles and have agency in the process.

#2 Players will be able to communicate with college coaches

Pro Skills Basketball x Sports Recruits Sports Recruits constantly updates their email database of college coaches so that players can personally email them with their player profiles and any videos they choose to upload. We encourage players and families to be proactive yet realistic through the recruiting process. Sports Recruits’ search tools make it easy for players to find schools that fit their criteria and find schools that are realistic. It also streamlines the process for contacting coaches and being proactive.

#3 Players can upload stats and game film

PSB high school players are able to upload game stats and film to their player profiles and then they’ll be able to very easily send to college basketball coaches. Sports Recruits works with Vimeo, Krossover, Hudl, YouTube, and more!

#4 Players/coaches can create a target list of schools

Pro Skills Basketball x Sports Recruits

Players and coaches will be able to search for schools by geographical region, academic standards, and level of competition to help players understand where and what schools they should be targeting. We also spent time checking in with families, emailing back and forth, and making sure they were taking the right steps. Sports Recruits enables our coaches and directors to monitor our player’s activity and help them when necessary.

#5 PSB Directors/Coaches can help guide and monitor the recruiting process

Pro Skills Basketball x Sports Recruits

As always, our PSB Directors and Coaches will help guide and monitor the recruiting process for each of our college prospects. We will be able to help players and parents pick a target list of schools, monitor communication, send emails to college coaches and more.


To wrap it up, we’re pumped about this partnership with Sports Recruits moving forward. Our goal as an organization is to change the culture of youth basketball, we want to create a better and more positive environment for young kids to play in. At the same time, we are here to compete and help kids get to the next level if they are able to! Sports Recruits will better allow us to help our PSB high school players find the right fit and achieve their dreams of playing college basketball!
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