5 Best In Season Shooting Tips

The 2019-2020 basketball season is here! High School and Middle School basketball teams are preparing to play their first games in the coming weeks. As we are fast approaching the season we wanted to give you a list of our 5 Best In Season Shooting Tips for you to have success throughout the season.

Understand that being a great shooting requires much more than just these 5 Tips. If you did not put in real work during the off-season then it is unlikely that you will see great results this season.

However, if you did put in the work and you are prepared for this season then these tips are for you! So, read and implement. We truly believe these tips will help you as a shooter throughout your season if you do them and do them consistently.


1. Shoot Form Shots Daily

Our first and most important tip in our 5 Best In Season Shooting Tips is Form Shooting. This is something you can and should be doing every single day. Check out our Form Shooting video on YouTube HERE from our PSB Ultimate Shooting Guide to learn how to do form shots correctly.

The great thing about Form Shots is that this drill will not require much physical exertion. You will want to manage your body throughout the season and rest when you can. In order to have a long career in the game of basketball, you must understand how to allow your body to recover.

Your body will breakdown throughout the season and if it is not taken care of properly. Breakdown without proper recovery will most likely lead to injury. This drill will allow you to work on your shot while keeping your body fresh!

2. Make 100 Free Throws Everyday

Free Throws are a great follow up to Form Shooting because you are essentially form shooting from a further distance. We suggest pairing the two of these together. For example, make 100 Form Shots and then back up and make 100 Free Throws practicing the same mechanics that you did during the Form Shots.

Free throws are a major part of the game of basketball. Often Free Throws are the deciding factor of winning or losing a game. Shooting Free Throws DAILY will be huge for you as a player in a season.

This is also a great tip because again it will not have a major impact on you physically. You can shoot free throws in your school clothes; you do not need to exert much effort to get better in this area of the game.

3. Practice Game Like Shots in Short Increments 

Our first two tips have revolved around low-intensity shooting tips to keep your body fresh throughout the course of a full season. However, you still want your body to be prepared to hit full speed in-game shots.

Practice full speed shots paired with your Form Shooting and Free Throws but only for 10 to 15 minutes. No more than that. Now is not the time to get in shape, you should have already done that in the preseason. Use this time to get your confidence up and see a few shots go in at a high speed.

As practices and games start to add up throughout the season you will want to make sure you maintain your high-speed shot-making ability. Use these 10-15 minutes 3 to 4 days out of the week to maintain this area of your game.

4. Don’t Waste Practice Reps

As you go throughout your many practices this season. Don’t waste any reps that you get.

Often in practice, it can be easy to give less effort and go through the motions just to get it over with and get on to the game. As the season goes on this option will become more and more enticing. Don’t let it happen to you this season.

Yes, practice is a time for your team to get better and understand what must be done in order to win games. But, practice is also a time for you to get better and get game-like reps up to prepare yourself for the real game.

If you truly practice hard and use every minute of it to get better then you won’t need to do too much more work outside of practice.

5. Stay Confident

Our last but most certainly not least tip is to stay confident in yourself throughout the season.

You will experience many highs and lows throughout a basketball season. It doesn’t matter if your team is undefeated, you will still have a bad night. Shots may not fall or it may seem like nothing is going your way.

Stay confident.

If you truly put the work in during the off-season then these are the moments that you prepared for. Allow that work to show through. Have good body language and keep your head up. Say to yourself “the next shot is in”.

Learn to move on from missed shots, don’t linger on them. Get back on defense, get a stop and make the next shot.

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