This past summer, Pro Skills Basketball powered the Jeremy Lamb Basketball Camp, which was held in Charlotte, NC for boys and girls players ages 6-18.

During that camp, Jeremy Lamb, a guard for the NBA team Charlotte Hornets, sat down with the camp participants and answered their questions.

Watch the video above and/or read the questions below to hear/read his answers!

5 Questions with NBA Guard Jeremy Lamb

5 Interview Questions with Jeremy Lamb

Question 1: Toughest player to guard?

Jeremy: “Kevin Durant, for sure. He’s just so tall and he can do everything on the court. Also LeBron too, because he’s so strong. For me, I don’t have a chance.”

Question 2: What have you learned in the NBA?

Jeremy: “My first season I had no idea what the league was about. I didn’t know how to take care of my body, I didn’t realize how much eating, sleeping, cold-tubbing, and things like that really mattered. I learned more from a lot of good veterans. To learn from KD, Russ, Derek Fisher, Kendrick Perkins, Caron Butler.”

Question 3: Where did you grow up?

Jeremy: “My hometown is Atlanta, but I was born in Virginia and raised in Atlanta.”

Jeremy Lamb Hornets Basketball CampQuestion 4: Thoughts on James Borrego?

Jeremy: “He’s great. He communicates real well with his players. He’s really excited about the opportunity and he said he believes in me and the team. I think it’s going to be fun.”

Question 5: Excited about Tony Parker?

Jeremy: “I think it’s great. He’s a veteran, he’s won before, he knows his role, and he’ll probably play 15-18 minutes a night.”

Bonus questions …

Question 6: Favorite food?

Jeremy: “I like a good burger.”

Question 7: What do you eat before games?

Jeremy: “Salmon and mashed potatoes.”

You can check out the Jeremy Lamb Basketball Camp homepage here and read more about all of our pro player camps here!

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