PSB 2020 AAU Team Tryouts

Our PSB 2020 AAU Team Tryouts will take place in January and February of 2020 for our 10 cities that we offer teams in. Pro Skills Basketball Teams are like no other in the AAU basketball sphere.

We pride ourselves on making our players successful on and off the court. We teach our players Skills for Basketball. Life. Success.

We set ourselves apart with the professionalism of our organization. We provide players, parents, and coaches a Professional Youth Basketball Experience.

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3 PSB Improvements to AAU Basketball


Youth / AAU basketball is often disorganized, focused solely on winning, and generally, frustrating. But we, at Pro Skills Basketball, believe kids and parents deserve better than that!

At PSB, we strive to provide a more professional experience for parents, players and coaches—one focused on organized communication, fun, mutual respect, and personal growth—on and off the court.

We’ve been involved with AAU basketball for the last 8 years and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Throughout that time, we’ve been able to take that good, make fixes to the bad and the ugly, and develop a much more professional experience for those players and parents who are members of our PSB Club Teams.

How you might ask?

Well, specifically, in three ways by creating:

#1 A comprehensive player development model

#2 A training and certification program for our coaches

#3 An organized communication system for our parents.

Now let’s cover these three things in more detail below.

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The Benefits of Teaching Defense to Youth Players

The Benefits of Teaching Defense to Youth Players

How Can Young Basketball Players Benefit From Learning How to Play Defense Effectively?

Defense is one aspect of basketball that is often overlooked and under-emphasized. A player who can score more buckets is considered more important than a player who can force opponents to take tougher shots and stop them from scoring. A lot of youth basketball coaches focuses exclusively on offensive skills like shooting, dribbling and passing when they talk about skills development.

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Why We Value Coaching

Why We Value Coaching

Improving Skills On and Off the Court

It is important for a young athlete to receive guidance during the formative years of their athletic career. That is why coaching plays a crucial role in an athlete’s life. In sports today, coaching shouldn’t only focus on improving the physical aspects and performance of young athletes on the court, we now know and understand the value off of the court guidance. With great coaches, you can make a positive impact on young athletes through a strong coach-player relationship.

The success of a great coach is not just measured by the number of games he or she can win, but also through the impact and influence that they have on their athletes. Successful coaches are strong motivators who focus on promoting positive behaviors and are the ones who ensure success for their athletes even beyond the court.

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NEWS: PSB to Bring AAU Teams to 4 New Cities in 2020

Pro Skills Basketball is excited to announce that we are adding four new cities to our organization, and they’ll be offering PSB AAU Teams / Club Teams starting in 2020.

Nashville (TN), Philadelphia (PA), Richmond (VA), and San Francisco (CA) will be joining our current cities of Charlotte (NC), Chattanooga (TN), Denver (CO), Greensboro (NC), Raleigh (NC), and Winston-Salem (NC)!

Each of these new cities adds unique value to our organization, and conversely, we can’t wait for what we’re going to bring to each of those cities!

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