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What is a Mouthguard?

A Mouthguard is a dental appliance that acts like a cushion made of high-grade dental plastic material that protects the teeth, mouth and jaw. A protective mouthguard should be comfortable, resilient, tear-resistant, durable and easy to clean.  

It should not restrict speech or breathing and should fit properly.  In basketball, communication plays an important role to effectively exhibit teamwork and win games.  

Players communicate when they need to pass the ball, assist a co-player, yell when he or she is open, or thank a team mate for a good play.  Hence, a mouthguard should be a perfect fit for it not to be a hindrance for good team play and communication.

Why do kids playing basketball need to wear a mouthguard?

Mouthguards are helpful precautions for young athletes. Pro Skills Basketball has partnered with Lineberger Orthodontics to provide oral health instruction and protection opportunities to all PSB Charlotte, NC members and athletes.

Here are the top 5 reasons why kids should wear a mouthguard while playing basketball:

1. Mouthguards are designed to protect the teeth and the jawbone as well

Basketball is a contact sport, and accidental injuries are sometimes part of the game.  There is less room for flexibility inside the mouth, and a blow towards the teeth or gums may fracture the jawbone.

Mouthguards acts like a crash helmet that protects the jawbone from an unexpected fracture. Lineberger Orthodontics provides custom-fit mouthguards to meet the specific oral needs of young athletes in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas.

Pro Skills Basketball Lineberger Ortho Partnership

2.  Mouthguards reduce the risk of injury

A research showed that basketball yields the highest number of dental injuries among all sports.  

According to the article, the incidence of dental trauma due to contact sports like basketball has increased significantly in the recent years. Dental trauma has affected the anterior teeth of children and teenagers who are into sports like basketball.

Data shows that for every 100 athletes, the incidence rate of injuries for basketball is 10.6% as compared to football which is ranking second with only 2%. There are 7 dental injuries sustained for every 16 basketball players; while only 21 dental injuries for every 109 football players.

The close contact of the athletes and the factor on speed predisposes the source of dental injuries. For this reason, more basketball players have decided to wear mouthguards while playing basketball.

A mouthguard is a helpful precaution for young athletes to lower the risk of obtaining injuries while playing basketball.  It protects a basketball player against chipped or broken teeth, root and bone damage, and tooth loss.

Lineberger Orthodontics offers a wide variety of mouthguards that are made of poly copolymer thermoplastic, polyurethane or laminated thermoplastic. Mouthguards should be durable, flexible and comfortable to wear.

3.  Mouthguards are less expensive than dental repairs

Dental treatment costs vary depending on the intricacy of the procedure. Dental providers aim at preserving their patient’s teeth, hence, they provide dental appliance or devices like mouthguards to help protect their teeth, mouth and jaw.

Lineberger Orthodontics offers high-quality mouthguards at affordable prices.  Wearing a mouthguard can help preserve and protect the teeth and jaw from unexpected injuries.  Thus, avoiding unnecessary dental expenses.

4.  Mouthguards are easy to maintain

Mouthguards come in various designs, material, color, and sizes. However, it only takes a toothbrush and a pea-sized toothpaste to clean a mouthguard before and after use.

Lineberger Orthodontics advises young athletes of Pro Skills Basketball to maintain good oral health and hygiene at all times.

lineberger orthodontics mouthguards

A well-maintained oral health lowers the risk of acquiring other health issues that affect the heart and other parts of the body.  

Lineberger Orthodontics and Pro Skills Basketball joined efforts to promote good health while enjoying the benefits of playing basketball.


5.  Mouthguards safeguard the soft tissues of the buccal cavity

Our mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It is mostly composed of soft tissues and fine nerves and nerve endings that easily rupture when exposed to traumatic blows.

Mouthguards act as barriers between the teeth and tongue, or teeth and cheek lines, especially for athletes who wear orthodontic appliances like metal braces. They keep the soft tissues of the mouth safe from cuts and bruises caused by the friction from metal braces.

Pro Skills Basketball and Lineberger Orthodontics are committed to providing consistent opportunity and resources to young athletes and their families. They are united by one goal, that is, to give our young athletes the ability to SMILE ON no matter life’s circumstances.

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