6 Things We Learned at the PSB Coaches Clinic at Davidson College

6 Things We Learned at the PSB Coaches Clinic at Davidson College

By: Colin Robbie, PSB Charlotte GM

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, PSB coaches and managers had the privilege to attend a coaches clinic hosted by members of the Davidson College Men’s Basketball Staff. This was an exclusive event for PSB coaches.

The event focused on how we dive into our coaching techniques and how we can still grow through the coaching development program. It was an awesome time to be able to hear from some great coaches. They gave great tips that we can take back to our practices.  

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2019 Summer Basketball Camps in North Carolina

North Carolina Basketball Summer Camps 2019

Participating in basketball summer camps can help build on friendships and teamwork. It helps boost confidence among players and it motivates them to improve physically and mentally. With PSB, players will experience the opportunity to learn from professionals who have been successful on and off the court.

Pro Skills Basketball offers multi-day event camps that are dedicated to teaching players the fundamentals of basketball. Camps are designed to train boys and girls of all skill levels. There are many advantages to joining a PSB basketball camp this summer.

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PSB Podcast Self Awareness & Performance – Alan Stein

PSB Co-founder Logan Kosmalski talks with current corporate performance coach and author of “Raise Your Game”, Alan Stein. Alan discusses his path from college basketball player to world-renowned skills trainer to corporate performance coach to, finally, published author.

alan stein raise your game

In “Raise Your Game”, Alan wrote, “Here’s a foundational argument for the rest of this book, the single most important thing a person needs for success is self-awareness.” In this podcast, Logan and Alan dive into the role of self-awareness in performances of all kinds.

Alan shares his thoughts on why basketball players, and people in general, should practice recognizing and acknowledging their strengths, weaknesses, emotions and motivations and how this process of self-inquiry and self-analysis can lead to improved performance.

If It Is Not Elite, “I’m Not Playing”

If it is not Elite, “I’m Not Playing”

There is an epidemic going on in the basketball world today. No, it is not the fact that Division 1 College Basketball players should be getting paid for their service. It’s in my world, which is the world of AAU basketball and the idea that most players think they are “elite” and should be playing on “elite” teams.

The word “elite” has destroyed many young players and poisoned the mind of many parents.

Are there actually elite players in youth basketball?

Yes, but is every Joe Schmoe who comes to a tryout, an elite player? Heck no!

I have nothing against players wanting to play at the highest level. If you are competitive, you should want that. It is human nature to prove that you are one of the best or that you can, at least, compete with them.

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PSB Podcast Youth Basketball’s Future – Jay Demings

In the latest episode of the PSB Podcast, PSB Co-founder Logan Kosmalski speaks with the Director of USA Basketball’s Youth and Sports Development, Jay Demings.

jay demings youth basketball

Jay and Logan discuss the changing landscape of youth basketball and youth sports in general, as well as the goals and priorities of USA Basketball’s involvement at the youth level.

Jay discusses USAB’s recent developments concerning stronger education for youth coaches, players, parents and officials.

Listen to Jay’s thoughts on the current state of youth basketball in American and where he thinks the game will be in the coming years.