nike youth basketball camps china

PSB Enjoyed Running Nike Youth Basketball Camps in China!

Recently, Brendan Winters, Director of PSB Charlotte, and Ross Schraeder, Director of PSB Denver, returned from their 16 day trip to China where they directed Nike Youth Basketball Camps.

For the first week, Brendan ran three 2-hour “camps” per day in Shanghai while Ross was in Hangzhou also running three 2-hour “camps” per day. For the second week, Ross joined Brendan in Shanghai at the University of Sports for two 2-hour camps per day for 6 days.

Brendan and Ross both had a fantastic time teaching the game of basketball to young kids in China much like they do here in the States.

nike youth basketball camp chinaWe put the word camps in quotation marks because they were not exactly like the camps that you would think of here in the US, which typically means a week long event from 8am  – 9am to 3pm – 4pm in the afternoon.

Instead, the “camps” in China were more like clinics in that they were 2 hour workout sessions, and Brendan and Ross ran 3 of them each day that first week.

“The Nike Basketball Camps or workouts were a lot of fun,” said Brendan. “We were able to work on a lot of different skills with the kids. We also learned that the camps had to be in 2-hour blocks because the kids in China have so much going on in terms of school and other extra curricular activities.”

pro skills basketball in china
Brendan and Ross at the Shanghai University of Sports.

Of the basketball culture in China, Ross said, “The Chinese basketball scene is wild! Shanghai has a TON of beautiful outdoor basketball courts and the time is rare when they are not packed with people!”

“As for the youth, we had a great time working with the kids. They seemed interested in learning more about the game all while having fun doing it.”

“I learned as much from them as they did from me I believe! I am very much looking forward to returning to China in the future to continue to help with the development of the game there!”

Brendan and Ross also got to experience China off the court, which was a really new and cool experience for both of them. “We had a blast in China and met so many awesome people from young players to coaches to parents to taxi cab drivers and everyone else in between,” said Brendan.

Of China and the two cities he spent time in, Ross said, I had my perceptions and perspectives challenged on a daily basis. I found the Chinese people that we worked with closely to be incredibly open and hospitable. They looked out for us over there and took care of us in helping us through our time there.”

nike youth basketball camps china“Shanghai was a very technologically advanced city that didn’t feel too overwhelming despite the number of people that live there. Many times I thought I was walking or driving down a boulevard in any number of European cities with the architecture and layout.”

“It was such a cosmopolitan city that still has such an ancient feel to it at times and places. I was also lucky enough to spend a week in Hangzhou, an ancient city that possesses many mystical qualities in Chinese culture.”

“As Marco Polo called it in after his travels there in the 13th century, ‘the most beautiful and splendid city in the world.’ He wasn’t exaggerating. Green, clean, organized…it was a great place to be for a week.”

Pro Skills Basketball is extremely grateful to have had the chance to go to China to run Nike Youth Basketball Camps and teach the game to a great group of kids.

We hope to go back again and teach more kids at some point in the future, but for now, we have plenty of basketball events (trainings, clinics, camps, etc.) going on for kids around the country!


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