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Becoming an elite basketball player requires many qualities such as, but not limited to, being physically in shape, mentally strong, having advanced basketball skills, and having a strong will to compete and win.

Many youth basketball players dream of playing college basketball and then being drafted into the NBA one day. However, the chances of playing college basketball are very low and playing in the NBA is almost slim to none! There are only so many players that can join a collegiate basketball team and then an even more limited number that can play in the NBA. Only the best of the best make it!

But that’s not to say making the NBA can’t be done! The first step in the process is to make your high school varsity team. Once that is accomplished, players can begin to look towards playing at the next level collegiately. College coaches look for a variety of skills when recruiting high school basketball players, including competitiveness, attitude, grades, offensive skill set, defense, and much more.

Check out the college basketball recruitment infographic that we created. The infographic breaks down what it takes to be recruited to play basketball in college by reviewing skill sets that a player needs, how a player can get noticed, what coaches look for, the recruitment process, the role of parents in the recruiting process, and much more.

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College Basketball Recruiting Infographic | Pro Skills Basketball

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