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What Does it Mean to be an Official USA Basketball Youth Organization?

Pro Skills Basketball is extremely excited to announce we are now an official USA Basketball Youth Organization! Over that past year or two, USA Basketball has been attempting to change youth basketball for the better by developing a youth basketball coach licensing and organization accreditation program. Of course any time there is an organization like USA Basketball attempting to positively impact youth basketball, we want to be involved and help spread the word!

After hearing about the the coach licensing and organization accreditation program, researching it further, and talking with USA Basketball Youth Development Director, Jay Demings, about it, we decided to fly out to Las Vegas to attend their first ever “Coach Academy” to learn more about everything. While there, we attended a coaching clinic, which covered our classes needed to obtain our coach licenses and got to meet many of the USA Basketball Youth Development staff involved in the project. It was an awesome experience!

USA Basketball Youth Organization
My USA Basketball Coach License!

There, we learned about the benefits to getting a coaching license as well as becoming an accredited organization and decided to pursue all of it further for Pro Skills Basketball. Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to their Youth Development Guidebook
  • Online youth basketball resources
  • An organization profile page
  • Their online community

In order for organization’s of all sized to be accredited, all of their coaches must obtain their USA Basketball Coach License, which means each coach must take two online courses as well as pass a background check. This was a no-brainer for us – our coaches got the chance to continue their basketball and child safety education as well as had to pass a background check (although we were already doing the checks)!

Our Pro Skills Basketball directors and coaches immediately bought into the idea, and after a month or two of taking classes and passing background checks, ALL of our directors and coaches now have their Youth Coach License and we, Pro Skills Basketball, are now a USA Basketball Official Youth Organization!

If you’re a coach who wants to get licensed or have an organization that wants to become accredited, go to the USA Basketball Youth Development website and start the process today! As for us, we can’t wait for what the future holds with USA Basketball leading positive change in the often crazy world of youth basketball!

Interested in participating in one of our cities’ programs? We have skill development programs in Boston, Charlotte, Denver, Greensboro, Philadelphia, and Sacramento. Click on the city pages to see the offerings in each city!

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By: Brendan Winters

thankful for youth basketball

What Pro Skills Basketball is Thankful for in Youth Basketball

With Thanksgiving approaching, there is so much to be thankful for, but I wanted to specifically reflect on the 10 things we, at Pro Skills Basketball, are thankful for in youth basketball.

So without further ado, here is what we are thankful for when it comes to youth basketball:

1. Parents who Simply Love to Watch their Kids Play

Many parents claim to love to watch their child play, but yet, while “watching”, they scream and yell at the refs, their child, the coach, and even sometimes the other team. I’m talking about the parents who truly just love to watch their child play, and sit there calmly, just enjoying the play of their child without all the screaming and yelling or at least yell with excitement and encouragement.

In fact, research has found that the best thing parents can say to their children after a game is simply “I love to watch you play”. Young children can misinterpret constructive criticism, and having too many “coaches” in the bleachers, on the bench and/or around the dinner table can be added pressure on kids. We are thankful for parents that understand the mission of our organization and can support their children without bad-mouthing others, screaming or fighting in the bleachers.