Team Curry Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team Curry?

Team Curry is the name-brand grassroots basketball club teams of Stephen Curry that play on the Under Armour Association and Girls Under Armour Association. There are 6 teams total – 3 boys and 3 girls.

Who is running/operating Team Curry?

We, Pro Skills Basketball, are! PSB was chosen by Steph Curry and Under Armour to start and run Team Curry. You can read more about PSB here!

Where is Team Curry located?

Team curry will be located in Charlotte, NC, the hometown of Steph Curry.

Is Team Curry in or coming to San Francisco, CA?

No, Team Curry is not in the Bay Area, and as of right now, there are no plans to be there any time soon. However, Pro Skills San Francisco is a great option for any players in the city who are looking for an AAU option!

Is there a homepage for Team Curry?

Yes, but it’s currently being built as of today (01/09/20). It will be up very soon and will be found at!

How many Team Curry teams will there be and what ages?

There will be 6 total teams – 3 boys teams and 3 girls teams. For both boys and girls, there will be one 15U team, one 16U team, and one 17U team.

On the boys’ side, the 16U and 17U teams will play on the Under Armour Association (UAA). The 15U team will play on the Under Armour Rise because there is no 15U UAA division on the boys’ side. On the girls’ side, the 15U, 16U, and 17U teams will all play on the Girls UAA.

When and where are Team Curry tryouts?

Tryouts will be held through Pro Skills Basketball Charlotte each year in late February or early March in Charlotte, NC. Check out PSB Charlotte page for tryout availability!

Is Team Curry for Girls?

Yes, we will have 3 girls’ teams – a 15U, 16U, and 17U team.

Is Team Curry for Boys?

Yes, we will have 3 boys’ teams – a 15U, 16U, and 17U team.

What is the UAA/GUAA?

The UAA is the Under Armour Association, which is the elite boys’ basketball grassroots circuit run by Under Armour. The GUAA is the Girls Under Armour Association, which is the elite girls’ grassroots basketball circuit run by Under Armour.

Can I play for Team Curry?

Per NCAA rules, Team Curry players must live in North Carolina or any of it’s bordering states, which include South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Anyone in the 15U-17U age groups who lives in one of these 5 states may tryout.

Who can/will play for Team Curry? Is it for anyone/everyone?

Team Curry will feature the top talent in North Carolina and the bordering states. Players must be top players in the southeast and entire country. Team Curry is not for anyone and everyone.

Is Team Curry everywhere?

No, team Curry is only located in Charlotte, NC. There are no other Team Curry teams anywhere else in the world.

Who are the Team Curry boys’ coaches?

Team Curry boys’ division is led by Sim Frazier. The coaches of each age group are:

  • 17U – Sim Frazier (HC), JD Johnson (AC), Bryan Williams (AC)
  • 16U – Nick Jones (HC), David Wishon (AC)
  • 15U – Reggie Hairston (HC), Jeff Coble (AC)
  • DOBO – Trey Ford

Who are the Team Curry girls’ coaches?

Team Curry girls’ division is led by Ashley Rivens. The coaches of each age group are:

  • 17U – Ashley Rivens (HC), Michael Wright (AC), Kevin Holt (AC), Mylindra Diggs (AC)
  • 16U – Kelvin Drakeford (HC), (AC coming soon)
  • 15U – Aysha Pride (HC), (AC coming soon)
  • DOBO – Matt Hensen

Can I coach for Team Curry?

No, Team Curry coaches have been with PSB for a long time and have earned the right to coach Team Curry. If you are interested in coaching with PSB, you can submit a coaching application here!

What is Steph Curry’s involvement?

Steph would like to be as active as his busy schedule allows with Team Curry. However, that is all TBD. Steph, at minimum, is giving his support through his name, brand, and Under Armour sponsorship.

Will Steph be coaching?

No, Steph will not be coaching with Team Curry.

I am not in Charlotte, what are my options?

Don’t worry! Pro Skills Basketball has multiple locations around the country, including:

If you would like to learn more about PSB and our AAU Teams click here.

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