In June, we hosted the first session of the Malik Monk Basketball Camp in Charlotte, North Carolina. The second session will take place August 6-9 in Huntersville, NC and there is still room to sign up!

The Malik Monk Basketball Camp is a week-long summer camp powered by us, Pro Skills Basketball, a Jr. NBA Flagship Organization.

This camp is a special way for Malik to give back to the game while providing a fun opportunity for young boys and girls ages 6-17 to learn the game.

The camp includes appearances by Malik, a personal picture, and autograph for each camper as well as a ton of fun drills, competitions, and games.

During the first day of camp, all of the different age groups took part in the “Meet & Greet and Q&A” station where the campers all got to personally meet Malik as well as ask him any questions they wanted.

The video above highlights some of the questions and answers, and they’re also transcribed below!

Here are 5 questions that we had the opportunity to ask Malik Monk.

5 Questions with NBA Guard Malik Monk

5 Questions with NBA Guard Malik Monk

# 1 What age did you start playing?

Malik: “Age? I started playing when I was first able to walk. After about a year, I had a basketball in my hand. I started playing organized basketball in the second grade.”

#2 How many workouts a day?

Malik: “Three workouts a day: before school, during school I’d get an hour off and go to the gym, and after school I had practice. After practice, I’d go with my brother to hoop so I had three workouts a day from fifth grade to ninth grade.”

#3 Toughest NBA player to defend?

Malik: “Kyrie Irving, For sure. He’s hard to defend.”

#4 How are NBA players different?

Malik: “You’re playing against grown men. I was playing against college players that were 18, 19, and 20-years old. Now I’m playing against grown men, 35-year old or 30-year old guys. They’re all grown, stronger, and they’re smarter. They know steps of the game before you do so it just makes you work even harder.”

#5 Rookie of the Year?

Malik: “Ben Simmons. That’s a good question.”

Did you miss our first camp, but want to sign up for session 2 of the Malik Monk Basketball Camp?

Well then check out the highlights below and sign up now!

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