PSB PODCAST: Andy Panko – Hoop for Thought Series

Every year thousands of high school players set out on the summer recruiting circuit in hopes of fulfilling their dreams of playing DI.

But what happens when the summer ends and none of those DI schools have come calling?

What do you do when the only schools that want you are at the DIII level?

Andy Panko D3 basketball player

This was the situation facing Andy Panko in the late 1990’s. His decision put him on a path that few expected.

Andy was an undersized, skinny high school player. Like everyone else, he had dreams of playing for a power conference DI school and moving on to the NBA.

But at the end of his high school career, it was clear that the DI schools weren’t coming after him.

Andy wanted to go somewhere where he would play and play right away, so he enrolled at Lebanon Valley College…and the rest is history.

Andy would go on to dominate the DIII ranks.

He grew a little bit, worked on his game and worked to become a better, stronger athlete, and it all paid off.

Andy is currently in his 20th professional season. He had a short stint in the NBA but has traveled the world playing in and winning in some of the world’s greatest professional basketball leagues.

He’s made money playing this game that few can ever dream of making.

All of this after playing DIII basketball.

Hopefully, Andy’s story will give hope to those that aren’t getting recruited by the schools that they would like and opens up people’s minds to DIII basketball.

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