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Pirate Basketball Shooting Drill Series (Videos Included)

In June, we released the 3 main parts of our Pirate Basketball Shooting Drills series, in which Pro Skills Basketball Denver Director Ross Schraeder teaches and demonstrates¬†layups in part 1, “runners” in part 2, and reverse layups in part 3.

The drill is called the “Pirate” Basketball Shooting Series because it teaches all one-handed basketball shooting.

Get it?

One-handed … like a pirate!

Still no?!?

Haha well, regardless, we wanted to give it a unique name that the kids will remember while working on an important aspect of the game.

Ideally, it is meant to work on weak-handed development, but, in fact, the work is fantastic for both strong-hand and weak-hand development.

In performing this basketball shooting drill, we are looking for players to shoot with proper form, right or left-handed, without using the off-hand in the shot.

Especially on weak-handed layups, kids will begin to push with their off hand, and never really fully develop with their weak hand.

Check out layups in part 1 of the Pirate Basketball Shooting Drills Series video below:

By eliminating one hand with these Pirate Series drills, we force young basketball players to use their weak hand only. With a young team, at the beginning, they are a mess in trying to control the ball with one hand.

However, in just a few minutes, you can see them begin to improve and start to come close to getting the proper form.

Also important in performing this shooting drill is the fact that a vital aspect of being a good basketball player is having good hands and controlling the ball effectively.

See “runners” in part 2 of the Pirate Basketball Shooting Drills Series video below:

We start our Pirate Basketball Shooting Drills Series by having the kids cradle the ball, but then turn it so that they are in a sense shooting a shot (even though it is a layup) rather than shooting an underhand layup.

The cradle plus turn of the ball with one hand is quite challenging at first for players of any age who have not performed a one-hand basketball shooting drill before, but young players begin to see their ball control and coordination develop rapidly in continuing the session.

Check out part 3 and reverse layups in the Pirate Basketball Shooting Drills Series video below:

The Pirate Series doesn’t have to just be for shooting a basketball though! It can also be used for a basic two-man passing drill with making one-hand passes off the dribble.

Again, this helps weak-hand development, helps coordination, and speeds up their overall development.

One thing to stress in the pirate session is that we do not want them making one-handed plays in actual gameplay.

We are simply speeding up their weak-hand development in practice and training sessions, and thus making them more coordinated youth basketball players.

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