6 Things We Learned at the PSB Coaches Clinic at Davidson College

6 Things We Learned at the PSB Coaches Clinic at Davidson College

By: Colin Robbie, PSB Charlotte GM

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, PSB coaches and managers had the privilege to attend a coaches clinic hosted by members of the Davidson College Men’s Basketball Staff. This was an exclusive event for PSB coaches.

The event focused on how we dive into our coaching techniques and how we can still grow through the coaching development program. It was an awesome time to be able to hear from some great coaches. They gave great tips that we can take back to our practices.  

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2019 Summer Basketball Camps in North Carolina

North Carolina Basketball Summer Camps 2019

Participating in basketball summer camps can help build on friendships and teamwork. It helps boost confidence among players and it motivates them to improve physically and mentally. With PSB, players will experience the opportunity to learn from professionals who have been successful on and off the court.

Pro Skills Basketball offers multi-day event camps that are dedicated to teaching players the fundamentals of basketball. Camps are designed to train boys and girls of all skill levels. There are many advantages to joining a PSB basketball camp this summer.

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5 Shooting Drills to do During Basketball Workouts

5 Basketball Drills to Work on for Shooting

5 Shooting Drills to do During Basketball Workouts

To get better at shooting the basket, a player must have focus and perseverance. In order to be great at shooting, a player needs to practice the right shooting fundamentals over and over. This will allow him or her to develop good shooting habits.

Proper Shooting drills can enhance and develop good shooting techniques. By practicing your shooting techniques, you can improve and boost your confidence on the court.

Here are 5 basketball shooting drills that will help you become a better shooter:

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basketball offseason tips

Off-season in basketball is a period of downtime for basketball players. Some players use this time to rest from a very rigorous season, while some use this time to recover from an injury sustained during a game. Most players, however, use this time to improve their basketball fundamentals and skills.


Off-season is the best time to get ahead of the game. Some players dedicate themselves to comprehensive training in order to be ready for the upcoming season and improve their skills.


There are several ways a player can train and showcase an improvement in their skills and techniques when preparing for the next season.


Your off-season basketball workout may include training in terms of speed, agility, strength, focus and accuracy. These things are outside of what you may need from a basketball fundamentals standpoint, but are still very important to improving your game.




Pirate Youth Basketball Shooting Drills Series | Pro Skills Basketball


Pirate Basketball Shooting Drill Series (Videos Included)

In June, we released the 3 main parts of our Pirate Basketball Shooting Drills series, in which Pro Skills Basketball Denver Director Ross Schraeder teaches and demonstrates layups in part 1, “runners” in part 2, and reverse layups in part 3.

The drill is called the “Pirate” Basketball Shooting Series because it teaches all one-handed basketball shooting.

Get it?

One-handed … like a pirate!

Still no?!?

Haha well, regardless, we wanted to give it a unique name that the kids will remember while working on an important aspect of the game.

Ideally, it is meant to work on weak-handed development, but, in fact, the work is fantastic for both strong-hand and weak-hand development.