Stephen Curry Q&A with Team Curry AAU Basketball Players & Coaches

Stephen Curry Q&A with Team Curry AAU Players & Coaches

Q: What are you up to these days (given the league hiatus)?

Steph said that despite how “crazy” the year has been with his injury, rehab, and the league shutdown shortly after his return, it is crucial for him to stay engaged physically and mentally during this time. He’s been maintaining his cardio on the spin bike and has spent ample time lifting weights at home, trying to keep his basketball build intact. 

Steph also recently got a hoop for his driveway, allowing him to get shots up and stay sharp. He is continuing to look for unique and creative ways to challenge himself; since he doesn’t know if or when the league will return, his sole focus is staying in shape.

Q: What are Warriors doing to stay in touch/oversee player fitness?

According to Steph, the Warriors had a team meeting the day the league got cancelled in order to develop self-isolation workout logistics. He explained that the coaches have been especially hands-on with workout templates for the younger players, but he mainly drives his own fitness regimen (due to his experience in the league and understanding of his body). His workout routine has largely centered around cardio and shooting around in his driveway, with some weightlifting added in as well.

Q: Any virtual training sessions w/ basketball trainers?

Steph said he’s currently focusing more on conditioning and injury prevention, as he is unaware if or when the season will resume. He will start to focus more on technical skills with trainers once he figures out the state of this season and its potential return date, preparing more intensely for a defined start date. He explained that his current routines simply require consistency, and this time off does not serve as an excuse “to take [his] foot off the gas pedal.”’

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Q: What are you doing from a non-basketball standpoint?

This time off has allowed Steph to become a stronger person, dedicating more time to activities for which he previously lacked time. Aside from spending additional time with his kids, he has used his platform to educate people on the virus, including this talk with Dr. Fauci, and the importance of social distancing, while also focusing more on his faith and additional business pursuits like Team Curry and the Underrated Tour. He claimed this time off is about devoting time to what is important to you, and you should take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible.

Stephen Curry Q&A with Team Curry AAU Players & Coaches

Q: What is some advice you would give to us athletes aspiring to make college/pro level?

Stephen Curry Q&A with Team Curry AAU Players & Coaches

When hoping to pursue a career at the next level, Steph explained players must understand and embrace the need to constantly work harder. As you move up in the basketball world, the talent around you will only increase, and you need to increase your work ethic to compete with everyone else. 

He encouraged players to reach out to people that know the game and get advice on how to prepare physically and mentally for the next level, while also telling them to identify and work on their weaknesses. He also said that players must define what is important to them at the collegiate level, choosing a program that fits their personality and aspirations most effectively.

Q: What ball-handling workouts do you do to improve your left hand?

Steph said he does a lot of two-ball drills to test his mind as much as possible, improving his stationary ball-handling significantly in the process. He also does a lot of on-the-move drills in order to improve his transition into a shot or pass. The two-time MVP claims that these exercises mimic natural on-court movements, allowing him to make smooth, instinctive transitions into the shot pocket or hit the open man on a dime in game.

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Q: What direction do you think the pro women’s basketball game is going?

Steph thinks this is a very pivotal time for the WNBA, as players finally have higher earning potentials and more energy is being devoted to league marketing and exposure. He’s quite pleased that the league is finally capitalizing on its unique lane for viewership; the WNBA typically has few competitors (aside from the MLB) throughout the bulk of its season, and it has finally landed time on major sports networks like ESPN

He stated that future WNBA development efforts begin at the grassroots level, with female players inspiring younger girls with their success stories.

Q: What do you do to prepare yourself mentally before every game?

Consistency is critical for any effective pregame routine, and Steph exemplifies this on a nightly basis. He eats the same pregame meal two hours before tip, and he also listens to the same one-hour playlist during warmups to get him energized. 

Steph also mentioned that he likes to visualize himself sizing up opponents, envisioning how he will respond to particular tendencies or moves on the court. He said that this routine allows him to block out potential distractions while getting his mind and body ready for 48 minutes of action.

Q: What’s one of your favorite playoffs/finals highlights?

While all of his playoff moments except the 2016 NBA Finals are memorable, Steph’s favorite was his momentum-capping three over Matthew Dellavedova in Game 5 of the 2015 Finals. 

The series was tied at 2 games apiece entering that pivotal game in Oakland, and with the Warriors leading by 7, Curry left Dellavedova rooted to the floor with a sweet double-crossover before canning an off-balance three. Steph thinks this was a big momentum play that turned the tide of the series for good, and he will always remember this moment fondly.

Q: What were some challenges you faced as a small PG?

Steph talked about how he’s always been a “late-bloomer” even from his days in high school. He mentioned the difference in physicality with each level he’s played at and the specifics of how he needed to adapt his body to become better. 

Q: What did you look for in a college?

While many aspects go into college recruitment, Steph talked about two of the most important factors for him. An honest and trustworthy coach was critical during Steph’s recruitment process. Alongside that, he wanted to know about his opportunity to play, which he admits is harder to assess. 

Stephen Curry Q&A with Team Curry AAU Players & Coaches

Q: What motivated you to keep your head up and what made you decide to go pro?

Being an “undersized player” in a game of giants always gave Steph Curry reason to stay motivated and drove him to improve. Additionally, Steph talks about how the first game of his collegiate career gave him a great reminder about how much further he needed to go. The decision to go pro Curry says was one of “the hardest” he’s had to make. Watch the webinar to find out why. 

Q: How do you work on handling adversity throughout the game?

Any player faces adversity in basketball and Steph Curry is no different. Handling the adversity has been a challenge for Steph and he admits he used to sulk as a younger player. While it’s important to analyse the mistake in order to improve, a next play mentality is key to staying at the top of his game.

Q: What was the most memorable advice you got from a coach?

Though Steph has learned from many great coaches since he started playing basketball, one piece that sticks with him to this day is TCC. TCC is a message his college coach Bob McKillop gave to Curry’s teams and one he continues to use. It means so much to Curry that he even has it tattooed on his wrist! Make sure you watch the webinar to see what it stands for. 

Stephen Curry Q&A with Team Curry AAU Players & Coaches

Q: When you’re missing shots what is your approach to overcoming that?

Rather than worry about the ball not going in, during times where his shot isn’t falling at its usual MVP-level, Steph likes to focus on just one specific mechanic. That, along with trust in the work he’s devoted to the game and confidence can help Curry get back to splashing it from deep.  

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Q: How do you handle being the focal point of a defensive scheme?

Being the best player on the floor and knowing the other team is locked in on you each and every night is a challenge. Steph encourages players to embrace that level of expectation, but to remain fully aware that they can’t succeed without teammates. While it may be hard in this social media era, not being afraid of failure can greatly help players overcome the burden of being the main attention of a defense. 

Q: What are you doing for easter?

The Q&A ended on a lighthearted note with Team Curry wanting to know Steph’s plans for easter. Steph was looking forward to some downtine with the family and dressing up for online services. 

Before Steph left he provided Team Curry with advice, hope for the future and offered himself as a resource to players. 

Stephen Curry Q&A with Team Curry AAU Players & Coaches Conclusion

Finally, after an hour of Steph Curry’s time, PSB Co-Founder Brendan Winters addressed Team Curry and introduced them to PSB Lead Trainer Cristian Barber. In addition to what Curry committed to, they discussed ways to work out as a PSB family, staying on top of the recruiting process, and other ways to improve during this isolation.

Overall, it was an amazing meeting with Steph, and we can’t wait to get on the court soon with our Team Curry players and coaches!

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